Sunday, March 7, 2010

2nd Brownout Night at Cagayan De Oro

I (accidentally) slept too well after lunch on arrival from Malaybalay’s Kaamulan Festival. You already know what I did last night, right?! The aging body needed more sleep – even if I actually did not want to! The plan was, I would just rest after lunch to let the noon sun slant a little, and at mid-afternoon do some walking (again) but this time to other parts of the city.

Ay sus entawon! When I woke up there was no more Mr. Sun, and it was already hello darkness my old friend haha! But I did not take offense at the drowsy desires of the flesh winning over my dire rave to roam whaahehehe! So okay, I still walked around, if only to see which parts of the city were without electricity this time. My neighborhood had!

While I did not see many things worth capturing with the lowly camera in pitch darkness, I still snapped on an irresistible few like this one…

Nice ‘noh? Even nicer to look at during the night than what I had yesterday afternoon.

Hey, back at my ‘neighborhood’ (with lights on, as said above hehe), I would have gone back for a second dinner (this time with real electrical lights) at Inilog Grill. But that corner beckoned. Yeah, Chicken Inasal Bacolod Style! Abaw ah, aber aber aber…, i-try kung namit gid hehe. So, I went for it!

Hmm, this place had local dailies available – as I waited for my food. Yea!
Oops, this one is not a daily. It’s a weekender, but fresh anyway. This weekends issue!

Well, am not sure if this paper is reputable here-arounds. Try reading the titles!

Then again, maybe they don’t have editors – probably just writing and publishing pronto, just like I do! Whohooa! Welcome to the club whhaahahahaha!

Nice cozy place by the way. It has got the look and feel of a combined Mang Inasal and Jo’s Chicken Inato. Even a bit more swanky homey, I think.

The menu too has that familiar look and feel, as if I've seen this many times!

How did their chicken taste? I don’t know (yet)! Maybe I'll try it next time. All I can tell is now is that I loved this grilled tanguigue.
My roaming around has already taught me how to tell real fresh from frozen fresh or 2-days-ago (or more) fresh! Well, lucky me, this was a weekend. Older stock were probably already wiped out during lunch. But with these daily brownouts, I doubt if this reputable-looking joint would keep stocks to last more than 3 days, right? Or I was really lucky! Ah basta, this fish tasted really fresh delicious, I was even tempted to go for another order but the wallet shouted in defiance. So I desisted haha!

Familiarity breeds…. addiction! ‘Wanna guess where I went next?! Oh yeah, just like last night (except for Lexi’s)!

Inilog Grill


The Star Entertainment, Inc.

Whacky enough night! Let’s sleep now and go Camiguin tomorrow!

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