Monday, March 8, 2010

Hibok-hibok Ardent Spring, Camiguin

Enough of white island. We left in no time, surprising folks at Barangay (Agoho?).

Heading for...

Nice countryside too...

9:04AM there we were at Ardent Spring Resort
I smiled at the sight of their entrance where the “red thing” greeted me. Yes, Coke! And of course, I grabbed one can! Ray did not want any, saying it was still too early for the stomach. Well hello, not mine haha!

Entrance fee is P30 per person...
This, I understood for it’s a park they developed, not just a barren sand bar! But Ray, my guide/driver entered for free. See? Now I know why he kept harping his being free at entrances - because in fact he is, at places like this one, also owned by the same government.

Anyway, on to see how the place is this time. I remember, on that tour of long ago, we stayed longer just sitting in the warm-to-hot waters from the earth's bossom!

Happy to note that it still is generally the same, save for the improved (concreted) sides and corners which I think is/was good, to preserve the form of the spring amid hundreds of feet thumping on them by the day.

We dipped in, to feel the spa-like warmth of the water. And to rinse ourselves of the salty sea from White Island! Shhh, don't tell!

We even marveled at this corner
Yes, where the warm water just keeps coming out from the deepest parts of earth! Well, the advantages of living on the slopes of an active volcano. This place is part of Mt. Hibok-hibok, thus the name.

Happier still that they made the place into a well-maintained forest park
Nice walking around midst huge trees and a lot of people sweeping the surroundings of rubbish. I asked one of those folks busy cleaning the grounds, she told me they are not employees but volunteers. They are given meager fees by their government, but nothing that you can call a salary or something like that, she tells me.

Let's move out, shall we?

I like looking at our Philippine flag with nature/native background. Nationalistic!

Okay then, my morning roam continues... in the next story!

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