Monday, March 8, 2010

Mambajao Morning Tour Continues

Back on the road from Ardent Spring... still very nice views everywhere we passed.

And I liked the name of this place... “Welcome Inn”!
Just like saying "come in, come in"!

Hmm, how many times do we have to pass by the airport?
Probably reminding me that Cebu Pacific's CEB-CGM flights are coming very soon!

I liked these old houses too, but I even liked the lawyer’s signage more!
Not tarpaulin nor paint. The letters are probably cut tin-plate painted white. But the base board is real “tabla”! Reminiscent of the ‘60s or earlier kind of signage. Galing!

Time for Ray to gas-up and I took the time walking around this parola area again


Yeah, this place too. Remember last night?
This is where I had my dinner!

Then out of this place we went, heading for another part of town!

That big building is my hotel, but we were just passing by! My room is over at the other side overlooking the public market! Ground floor corner is the bakery/restaurant.

Views of old houses again... hey we did not look for them!
They just happened to be standing along the way...

On our way to... the PHIVOLCS observatory
See that green sign? Yeah, telling us to go onwards, not that far!

Even more old houses...

I liked this part of the roam. We stopped at this gate...
Just to say our orders (morning snack), then off to the observatory we proceeded.

Loved this part of the road...

And I loved this scene!
I wanted to ride too, but we had to move on up!

More nice sights and views…

And let’s talk about my observatory experience next.

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