Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another ‘White Island’?

Many of us already know or have frolicked in that famous sand bar (White Island) off Camiguin. And that was my destination on this trip. But I was surprised to have seen a similar paradise while the Paras Sea Cat glided along the waters from Cagayan De Oro to Benoni Port.

This one was to our right (east) as we approached Camiguin from its south-eastern side. So I was sure it cannot be the 'White Island' most of us know, since that one is off Mambajao, north-western coast of Camiguin.

Am sure those jetski riders know, and probably even already sat foot on that ‘other’ white island. Yep, it looks like its also a sand bar and without vegetation. I could see via the zoom of my lowly digital camera that there is at least a shack – probably a resting area of/for/by fishermen.

Well, looking at google maps, this one looks like it could be Agutayan Reef off the nearby town of Claveria. Though am a little confused why we were just still near it at 9:19AM when we left CDO at 830AM. Then again, maybe because I zoomed it!

Anyway, Agutayan or not, am not (yet) sure if this is counted as part of the 7,107 islands in this our archipelago!

Hmm, a new target for the true-blue, self-confessed, son-of-a-beach in me!

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