Monday, March 8, 2010

Balingoan To CDO Airport

Easy to find a bus here. I just followed where those people ahead of me were going hehe. Hey it’s a bit of a long walk (about 200+ meters to the highway). Unlike that tour we had decades ago, vehicles do not (or probably not anymore allowed to) go into the pier. These are modern times. There is order and organization here and now. Malayo nga lang!

The buses are not at the corner of the pier and the highway. You still walk to the right upon reaching that national road. Some 90~100 meters more, and on the left side will be the bus terminal. Happy that the more reliable/reputable-looking buses are nearest the entrance. I hopped on one ASAP.
This was a red air-conditioned bus but I can’t remember if named Rural or Bachelor. Ah but I know it must have been either of the two. Of the Ceres family of buses. Vallacar transport, yes.

Uneventful run to CDO at almost 2 hours for 110 pesos. Fast enough. All of them are anyway, right? I loved the farm sceneries along the way. Progressive place.

No sooner, we were already in the city. When many passengers got off near Gaisano, and I saw a Chowking Restaurant across the big wide road, I also got off for a grab of some lunch. It was already 4PM and I haven’t had real lunch since that late morning snack at Villa Paraiso, remember? No time looking for fancier CDO places. Needed to be at the airport soonest.
Oh, in all my life experiences, this was the only Chowking where I encountered a very long line of people queuing up for the CR. Yep the toilet. There was only one, and a very small cramped toilet for both sexes! How is 9 people ahead of you in that line? Normal? Not in any other Chowking I’ve been to. I mean most of them only got one CR, but this was the first time I encountered such a line. At 4PM? Maybe all of CDO feels the urge at this time heheeee!

Then I boarded a cab whose driver used its meter! P137, good enough I guess. Even if at first I did not like him passing by little crowded streets that didn’t look like center of town to me. If those were markets, I think we passed by 3 of them!

Anyway, when I started seeing familiar places, I calmed down!

The airport check-in next.

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