Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sto. Nino Cold Spring, Catarman, Camiguin

Going to Sto Nino Cold Spring is still a rural countryside...

With more new paved roads!

That is Hibok-hibok out there.

And it is now harder to get lost on your way to wherever.

Even the cold spring entrance is also already made of concrete.

Entrance is 20-pesos (big signage in pic above)...
But my guide (even if he insisted he was so, and a local) was not free nor they have a discounted rate for him like elsewhere. So I paid for the two of us!

Just for an 'updated' glimpse of the place really!

Let's get this clear, I was not about ready to bitch around just for that P20 entrance fee of my guide. But he was so piqued and was even fuming mad why he had to be charged hehe! Apparently he has not been charged so on previous visits bringing visitors as he did me. And he was doubly irked to learn that we/I was not even going to do anything there but just see the place. Thus, he at least thought of letting the fish eat his feet hahaha!

See my guide’s feet being “devoured” by the fish! Yep, they’re all over the pool!

My feet? Nah, they didn't like mine. Hmm, naligo naman ako kanina a!

Alrightie, let's go onwards to Mambajao to finally circle the island. It was exactly 5PM when we went out of this place.

And no, I was not about to go home to Rooftop Hotel yet! Something else!

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