Sunday, March 7, 2010

Demiren Hotel Cagayan De Oro

Okay now, let’s talk Demiren. The one night stay became 2 nights – because I went to see the Kaamulan Festival in Malaybalay, instead of going straight to Camiguin after my first night in Cagayan De Oro. And as said earlier, I did not even had Demiren in my mind for that overnight stay. It just went off my tongue when I rode the taxi at the airport! Probably because, I have stayed in this place previously.

This is not a young hotel. It is rather aging, but still acceptable for the budget conscious who requires acceptable/livable enough kind of accommodation. My room, a single with air-conditioning was just P600 a night. As I talked to one of the girls, she made mention of a Room 240 when I requested for something that had at least a window with a view of anything outside their building. Unfortunately, someone called her to their inside offices while processing me, so she asked a colleague to finish the transaction (wait for me to finish filling up their registration card).

That was quick. This new girl gave my room key to the bellboy who asked me to follow him – he did not anymore attempt to carry my backpack (remember the story here?)! But reaching this room (230), I immediately noticed the window is useless. I opened the curtain to see their perimeter wall at just a few inches from, almost kissing the pane hehe. So I asked the bellboy if it was really 230 since I heard the other girl mention a 240 earlier. This bellboy picked the phone and tried calling front desk. No answer. He got frantic (I guess hehe) so he ran down the few steps to front desk to check things out.

He soon returned to tell me that 240 was still being cleaned, though I could wait a little more while. I said “it’s okay, I will live with this” as I was already getting ready for the showers. I thought I’d be just overnight anyway, and surely I’d be back late after checking the CDO nightlife!

Here's how my room 230 looks:

No toilet seat! Am not sure if its a "yet" or "anymore" or "originally"!

Oh, downstairs, just across front desk is a good enough restaurant (especially for breakfast) but I am no fan of dark, low-ceiling and wide spaces. Yep, even with all lights on, I still consider it dark. So, for this meal (after the Kaamulan), I opted to sit beside the glass wall facing the street and asked the waiter to part the blinds away!

No frills hotel. Near good eating places. Central location.

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