Sunday, March 7, 2010

Musings On The Sea Cat: CDO To Camiguin

Let’s describe this fastcraft and some things that crossed my atrevida royal brain!

On boarding the vessel, I immediately noticed something – this open deck where we were entering into. To the left is business class (that enclosed air-conditioned area) and downstairs is what they call main deck. I checked my ticket, it said main deck and seat 3L. Awrrr! I liked where I was standing (because I saw two male passengers smoking while seated hehe). So I approached a crew member and asked if this open area was a different kind of service – y’know, like in the Bohol, Ormoc and Cebu trips of Weesam. Crew said this was just the same fare as that of main deck (meaning economy class).

I asked if this trip was full, he grinned telling me that it would be a miracle if the number of passengers gets to even just half the capacity. And my final (objective) question, if I can stay here the entire trip, instead of downstairs at my seat 3L. He at first said “mainit dito” but when I shrugged he said “okay lang”. Yey! So I stayed and you already know… flicked my lighter to puff my second cigarette for the morning (first was with the bottle of coke over at the turo-turo)!

Probably owing to the emptiness of this port and our craft having been in this port since yesterday, passengers were boarded too early. See these vacationers walk their grand time while boarding?
No rush at all, it was just 7:48AM and it seemed liked I had been aboard for a decade! Excited kasi! Departure was still at 8:30AM, so I continued looking around, ah even silently criticizing just about anything and everything of people boarding – it’s a good pastime, try it hehe!

I liked watching this forklift dance around that big pile of red empty bottle cases.
Like a bee dancing around, busy mending things on a hive! Aren’t I imaginative!

Liked that roof too! Some kind of a foyer or gazebo at the far end of this long pier.
Does that emblem mean coast guard? Nah, I think that’s navy – all white with some gold. Coast guard is gray and white. But it looks like not an emblem of the Philippine Navy, looks like US Navy! Ah, maybe some commemorative whatever. That is actually far from where I was. I just tried playing with my lowly zoom.

View Deck. Come to think of it, I only saw that thing now as I write this.
Where the hell is that anyway? Why didn’t it come to my awareness when I was actually standing there? Or maybe this I was standing at, was the view deck. Unless it is somewhere still up there. But if it is up there, where does one pass? Via that hole? Nge! Naah, I think this open area where I stood at was/is the “view deck”!

I overheard that Lola (with an infant) tell the other Lola (seated) that the little dear does not like it downstairs as it is very cold. Hmmm, how did she know, aber?!
Can she read infant sounds? Or does the little darling already talk? Palusot pa kasi eh, obvious naman she’s the one who abhors air-conditioning. Ang Rayuma, bow! Lola ha, you’re being cute again! Ahehehe, the things I do when I've got nothing to do!

The big RORO beside our ‘little’ Paras Sea Cat. All the more that our little craft felt like a tiny tubby boat because this humungous thing was beside us!

And at exactly 7:50AM, this dude, I think, was already bored or impatient or both.
No passengers approaching. Nilangaw ba! But, I still like looking at those red cases!

Am not quite done, but let’s talk more of this fastcraft next!

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