Monday, March 8, 2010

Camiguin Morning Tour

Yep, just a morning tour, as shortly after noontime I was to leave for CDO in time to catch my late afternoon flight to Cebu. Besides, yesterday was an afternoon to evening round, right? But where else could I have on this island for just one morning, so the RORO won’t leave me behind? Many places, and… here we go!

Ray was early. Yep, my guide all of yesterday. I was still at the breakfast table when he arrived for our 7AM run. I asked him to have breakfast with me but he declined saying he already ate at home. This time he was both guide and driver. We agreed to use just his motorbike, so I could take snaps of whatever, even if just zooming by.

A lesson learned from yesterday - if you want to enjoy and take photos, don't drive!

Oh, this dude parking his bike?
The foreigner who was grinning at me on the Paras Sea Cat yesterday as I jumped and cheered at those jet ski riders. We talked a bit and even thought of doing a convoy. But we had yesterday been to where he wanted to visit today, plus he was yet to take his breakfast, while we were all ready to go. So we went ahead.

Okay, my views along the way…

That way to the Tree House (a famed accommodation), and the police if you want!

The old houses beckoned again… I just love looking at them...

Straight ahead, but...

Because we were headed for a beach… let’s do that next to next. Exciting!

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