Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kaamulan Here I Come!

Let’s not talk about how and when I left Cagayan De Oro – because I don’t really know hehe. All that you and I do know (from my previous story) is/was I got out of The Star Entertainment, Inc. at 1:51AM. Can’t recall how I looked for and boarded a bus heading this way, and mind you, this was my first time to Malaybalay!

I happily came to my senses and woke up with a bright smile when I saw this:

Yep, a place where I can probably live forever and ever! For the first time in a very long while, I saw a “red-only” place! Lately, all I have been encountering in the Visayas and Mindanao were “Pepsi-only” establishments.

With this sight, in my mind I said “eat your hearts out Tina Turner and Gino Padilla, here is a whole row of The Real Thing”! All stores have Marlboro Lights too! The Life!

This place is in the middle of a mountain range, chilly like Baguio. Well, it was just 5:52AM, so it had better be. Plus, I have read and heard that Bukidnon is the summer capital of Mindanao. At this point of my travel, I must say “yes it really is”!

I still wonder why I took this non-air-conditioned bus and why I wore a sweat-shirt. I must have been “active-drunk” when I left CDO and got “dead-drunk” when I dozed off on the bus ride! Well, good men are always prepared – even when drunk – I guess!

Anyway, from here on I was already wide awake. In time to witness the views that are breathtakingly reminiscent of the Cordilleras.

7:16AM, we were still just in front of the Sumilao Town Hall. Looking at google maps, I told myself we were too near yet too far. Why? Because traffic has started to creep with so many vehicles approaching the city of Malaybalay for the Kaamulan Festival.

I overheard co-passengers saying we won’t catch the parade as it starts at 8AM. As a consolation, I told myself I would still beat the parade to their showdown area (wherever it might be) and crossed my fingers.

7:58AM, we were actually there! Yep, already inside the city. But vehicles were barely moving towards the center as the parade participants and vehicles were already lined up, while people, all thousands of them were either briskly walking or waiting along the sides. We heard the drums beating, many of my fellow passengers opted to get off and walk briskly towards the parade area.

Wheh, I can never be left out hehe! I also made “layak” as they did and breezed to where the parade was emanating from.

But let’s talk more about it in the next story!

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