Sunday, March 7, 2010

Camiguin Afternoon Run

Happily checked-in at Rooftop Hotel, done with lunch, sun already slanted (2:37PM), there I was on my way to circle the island from north to north. Yey!

Rounding the island on a 4-wheeled vehicle was out of the question this time. In that tour of decades ago, since there was 7 of us, we hired a Sarao jeep with tour guide for this. But on this one where I was alone, that would have been boringly weird for me to be on board a big rolling space with just me, myself and I. So, I hired a motorbike with a twist! How? I also hired a habal-habal driver (on board his own bike) to convoy with me so he would serve as my guide. Wonderful enough? Yeah, so I thought hehe!

Let me tell you this early that, a minute into the tour, I already noticed a handicap to this set-up that I thought of. With both hands on the steering wheel, it was hard to take pics as we rolled along. And if I kept on stopping, as I did at times, we wouldn’t have been able to circle the island before nightfall. We started at 2:30PM kasi hehe!

And oh, call it unreasonable, because we went a counter-clockwise round on our tour of decades ago, I suggested to my guide we do a clockwise route this time. Wala lang. Just so I would encounter things differently! Anyway…

Let’s still talk about what I covered until sun down… starting on my next post, k?!

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