Monday, March 8, 2010

Rooftop Hotel and Bar

Still in Mambajao, Camiguin, and this hotel became my overnight home. Wonderful find! I mean, I did not expect to find such well crafted accommodation, in the middle of a laid back provincial island town, near a public market, in an unassuming building with a bakery at ground level!

As I said in a previous story, I saw the name of this hotel at some of the fliers over at the airport's tourism desk. Also saw signage of this hotel along the highway from Benoni port to Mambajao. And, this was also suggested by the GV Hotel front desk guy when I told him I would not stay in his hotel this time.

It's also a high climb like GV Hotel, since front desk is at 3rd level. But the stairway is not that steep. And the look and feel is many cuts above the rest in Camiguin, even CDO and elsewhere!

The front desk and lobby

More of just like a cozy living room of a house, right?!

The stairs across the orange balloon is for going down. That spiral staircase at the back is one way of going up to the roofdeck. Between them is the way to Room 301.

Rooms 302, 303 and 304 have their doors facing the lobby. See that door with a mop in the photo above? That's 302! Behind the camera (me) are 303 and 304, while that shadow on lower-right is front desk.

When I was asked about rates, the front office lady showed me 303 and 304.

And this hallway leads to some of the other rooms.

I have chosen Room 301, so let's go in there?!

Entering the door, this is what you see...

Looking right, this is what greets you. Hey, those are really tall high-chairs!

Looking left, tadaaa! My bed!

Crossing the room and looking back to the door, this is the view...
I got curious about that deep shelf with flowers...

Here it is. I wonder, did they make this to be a shelf for the TV?
And by the time these were finished, TVs became thin and flat? Probably! But am not so sure - because there is also something like this out at the lobby that is not in the height and location ideal for TV viewing!

The ceiling above my bed...

The right bedside-table. Desk lamp has a clock, and those are not my coins!

And as I plugged a cord in that outlet (above), this was my view...

The cabinet and the bathroom door beside it...

And in there, here are how they look...

That's it? No, not yet.

Let's go down to ground floor. The bakery and restaurant, remember?

Like anywhere else, and since I was a kid, I have always liked this thing.
I didn't know its called yellow muffins (oo nga naman ano?)! And I liked this version - well done on the outside with edges already crunchy, yet soft and moist inside!

At a wall there is this big map of the island/province. Very helpful!

This menu is 14 pages! (that cover is 15th)
Tenderloin Steak is P400 - yep, Four Hundred Pesos!

But don't fret, look up instead! Value Meals are less than a hundred pesos!

And take note - what I had for lunch was neither in that menu or the board up there!
It was listed on a counter-top standee!

The rest of the restaurant area...

Stairs to the second floor area of the there's a second floor?
Yes there is, and...

Let's go there!

A more 'upscale' area than downstairs. More for functions like seminars or parties

This leads to the 3rd floor area where front desk and the rooms are...
But let's go climb even higher to the roof deck (4th floor).

There's the rooftop Bar and ample space for parties under the stars!

Okay, enough of this nice facility. I need to go catch the RORO to Balingoan!

That's next!

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