Sunday, March 7, 2010

Camiguin Afternoon Run, Southwards To Benoni

Out of Katibawasan, we were back on the road enjoying the rest of the countryside...

One of the buildings at Camiguin Polytechnic State College (CPSC). Still in Mambajao.

I saw this corner (from opposite direction) earlier on my arrival into Mambajao, right?
My guide was about to enter that road but I suggested we skip, thinking I would be in there tomorrow on my way to Balingoan! But I did wonder, wasn't it the port/wharf we arrived at during that tour of yesteryears? I remember it was just 'near'! Whatever.

Hmm, I realized these were my views this morning, just in reverse order and vantage.
So, I knew we were just nearing Mahinog. Hah, not even halfway circling the island!

Hey this here is one nice big new modernistic abode in the middle of rurality!
They must have a grand morning vista looking out to the sea and the rest of Misamis Oriental. But, I would have made those upper windows bigger though, if I were them. Nakialam ba!

Hmm, a nice guessing game if you were touring with little tykes...
How many tanks are there, aber?! Really now?! Count again!

Now that is one hell of a lot of bikes! But where are the people?
Must be somewhere in a big place pitting their cocks with each other. Their birds, I mean. Ah hehe, the animals, I mean. Fighting cocks, manok, sabong, cockfight!
For this pic below, I raised my left hand clicking “to whom it may concern” style! Yeah, I still got it! Dangerously hard to do. See, I even caught my forehead on the frame!

Lovely ricefields...

That (in the distance, center of photo) is Benoni Port once again...
Yep, where I arrived at from Cagayan De Oro this morning.

The Swimming Tree! So they thrive on salty water?!
Whoa, I also took a picture of this tree on the arrival ride from Benoni to Mahinog!

Taguines Lagoon. That small road to the right circles around the area!
I remember that tour of years ago, it was not yet great a pavement like this one. There was a crab farm way in there, at the end of a dirt road, and little shacks fronting the water were nice cozy eating places. Then again, place me anywhere with crabs on the menu, it will surely be nice and cozy!

I don’t know if this is still a crab place today. Looks like more of fish, I guess!
But my guide tells me there is now a big restaurant there (J&A?). Where? That would be far beyond the right edge if this pic!

I remember we called this "the road cutting the sea"!
Sea on the left, lagoon at right. Easy to remember, water on both sides!

Try coming here when the seas are very rough. It will be a nicer view!
Just like going to Buri Airport (but do you know where Buri Airport is?)!

Going to the Taguines Lagoon too!
The other end of that 'circumferential' road. Yeah, after 'the road that cuts the sea'!

Aw, this is getting too long.

Let's cut it a bit here then move onwards circling the island in my next story!

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