Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paras Beach Resort Revisited

After a very long while, that is.

Why the need to see it again? Well, a sibling once told me there is no more beach and the waterfront is/was getting unnaturally ugly! Hmm, true or false? Anyone? Ah, that was one big reason enough for me to check it out! And here we go...

I liked it that the structures have since improved. Modernized as we say..

The luxury and comfort of modern living…

C’mon, look at that… they even serve pizza!
Even the outside tables come dressed in crisp fresh white table cloth. And my beer does not anymore come from a drink company’s chest box filled with ice and water to keep cold! It now comes chilled from a real chiller/freezer!

Could my brother have been wrong? NO! There's really no more beach...

Everything is now a hill-high pile of big rocks!
That is your view if you emerge from the buildings looking out to the sea...

The facility has so much encroached on what should have been the sea. So there is no more continuous and contiguous shoreline that one can walk on. It is already cut by this enormous private structure (for sure they’ll call it off-limits to the public).

When you look to the left (outside of the resort’s property) this is what you see...
Still a snippet of what this place used to be. There is still a beach there, howsoever dark the sand may be (c’mon this is a volcanic island, not coraline), but it looks like even them (the neighbors of the resort) are starting to also stone the sea up!

When you look to the right, you can see that Paras has claimed the shore for it's self.
Well, see the lower left of this photo, that is/was your beach! Will you swim there? Enclosed all around by boulders? Hep hep, to the left is not the sea, its the boulders!

Walking to the tip of the 'breakwater' and turning back, these are your views...
Mind you, this "new ground" is about 5 or 6 meters high!
Yes, it would look like they're building a road to the middle of the sea!

So it is not anymore a "beach resort", maybe they should call it a sea resort.

Looking around, it was hard for me to imagine where on this property did we had that bonfire ON THE BEACH just a few steps from the original Paras Resort structure! Ah well, memories erased hehe!

By the way...
This encroaching of the shoreline (similarly prevalent in Mactan, GenSan, even part of Panglao, etc.) makes any beach too far from what is Boracay. Its not only the fine white sand folks, it also has to do with the ability of visitors to walk the entire length of a beach that nature has created. Thus, do not wonder why people keep going to Boracay, even also Puerto Galera. That is because their beaches are left untouched.

And not to mention, there is a law against walling up the shores. Those are not and can never be yours. They are (I think) called public domain that one may not own.

Anyway, let me tell you something else beautiful. My real target to have come to this place once again, and why I was like in a hurry about roaming Guinsiliban, Sagay and Catarman. Really beautiful...

But let us do that next. It deserves a separate entry!

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