Sunday, March 7, 2010

Camiguin Arrival

As we got nearer the port of Benoni, the more that I got giddy excited! Was this the port we arrived at from Balingoan in that visit of decades ago? Ahm, I wasn't sure anymore. But checking on my travel book's illustration, this port seems to be where most passenger crafts arrive at and depart from. I just know that I am to head right (north) to find Mambajao. But no worries, this is a tiny island, everything is just a few minutes away, whether I go left or right!

Let’s do my arrival story…

Lovely day, clear day! At 10:24AM I could already see the island of Camiguin clearly. A few kilometers more probably. And when I asked a crew member, he told me we would still be about 30 minutes into docking at Benoni Port. Oh alright, I had to calm the overly excited self down hehe!

Wonderful view of the island born of fire. An island with more volcanoes than towns. Imagine that, there are only 5 towns and there are 7 Volcanoes! Whichever got more than one should really be born of fire! But we already know all too well, that where there is a volcano, the wondrous beauty of nature abound, right? Very!

10:53AM, we were already in front of the port, but oh how cute, the fastcraft does a semi-circular approach to it, like an inverted letter C. And the area being avoided is clearly marked by buoys. Maybe that area is a shallow coral bed or a protected marine sanctuary or both.

So, there is our destination, Benoni, titillating us the eager tourists!

These big boats are RORO vessels – Super Shuttle Ferry 1 and Super Shuttle Ferry 6, both of WG&A. These are where you load your cars if you insist on bringing them!

10:59AM, we were already piling out of Paras Sea Cat. Drivers, conductors, dispatchers were all over the place shouting barking that passengers take their jeeps, tricycles, habal-habal and whatever else. There are no buses on Camiguin by the way.
Well I had no intention of riding anyone of them yet. Not ASAP anyway, as I wanted to go around this place, get the feel, whatever.

The reason I took that picture above? Something hilarious! See that man in blue basketball jersey? (yellow arrow) His sign says “WELCOME Ms./Mr. BAE & BEI”!
The atrevida in me was grinning and I was thinking, if those two are a married couple, I wonder what the names of their children are/would be. Probably “Bay, Bai, Bee or Baa” or many other 3-letter combinations hehe. Wala lang!

The other flashcard (see left shoulder of long-haired girl) is a German name, while that one in the middle (front of yellow jeep) says “WELCOME PAGCOR & COMPANY”. Duh!

Anyway, I walked out to the highway (near those houses behind the fence) just to see places and get my headings.

Let’s do that next so we can get moving!

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