Friday, March 5, 2010

Cagayan De Oro With No Further Ado

Half past midnight, as I was about to sleep the night away when Microsoft Outlook both on my PC and aging Omnia started flashing an urgent reminder. I checked it out for curiosity’s sake thinking, ‘whose birthday is this again that I have placed a reminder on’! Alas de malas, it was a reminder that I inputted some months ago but have totally forgotten about. About?

That I got a ticket lang naman for CDO (Cagayan De Oro) on tomorrow’s flight (Friday) and back to Cebu by Monday. O–M–G! But I was about ready to doze off into lala land. Ah, I did not bother my drowsy royal self anymore but just went back to curl up with my pillow murmuring “thanks to these rock bottom long-range promo fares, my life is unnecessarily getting topsy-turvy hehe! Zzzzngork!

But I woke up at 6AM today, and further checking my skeds, I realized there was nothing much to do this weekend. Hmm, 4D3N (that’s 4days 3nights), somewhere in my brain was boasting like “that's only 4 easy-roaming sets of wearables for a probably updated fun to encounter at CDO”! So, seeing that my flight’s ETD was 1310H, I merrily played basketball between the cabinet and my backpack. Yup, dunking things I saw that might be good to wear while roaming CDO! By 0715H, I sat watching morning TV with a little bit of thinking ‘should I go or should I not’.

That was still some 3 hours to waste since if my ETD was 1310H, I should leave the house by about 1030H, so I would be at the check-in counters about 1115H or 1130H to be still able to grab my usual choice seat. I spent the next two hours still thinking if I should go or not. That, until 0930H – bath time, if at all I really wanted to go. Since I went to take a shower, that probably meant a greater part of my brain really wanted to go for this trip.

Long story short, yep, without further ado, it is now 1217H, noontime, as I write this, and am waiting for my flight to be boarded! I will probably be able to post this by tonight already in Cagayan De Oro.

So here I go for another series of stories on the road! C ya l8r!

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