Sunday, March 7, 2010

Going To Katibawasan Falls

After the lovely old houses along the way, here we go onwards to Katibawasan Falls...

Yep, still in Mambajao, Camiguin. And yes too, by turning right at that intersection.

Do you know what these rocks, stones and boulders are doing on the roadsides?
Nothing really, just reminding us that they landed there as part of a fiery shower from hell, when Hibok-hibok erupted in 1951! Gosh 'no? I can't imagine, no I don't want to!

Nearing the waterfall, it still is a dirt road path approach, just like decades ago.
We walked this path then, but now, fine driving down (carefully) with our motorbikes!

Let's underscore 'carefully'! Even if there are sorts of 'basic' infra on the sides. Why?
Because it is still a narrow path along very deep/steep ravines. One false move and...!

The entrance gate.
Entrance Fee is P15 per adult.

But only I was charged here.
Local guides/drivers may enter FOC. Yes, free-of-charge!

The Logbook. Gatekeeper insisted we write our names, as if it was a legal requisite!
Many times I wonder, what these government people really need a name and address for? Hep hep hep, don’t you start discussing this with me here and now! Because it will all boil down to… how untrustworthy we all are and/or how untrusting we all are of our employees. Its either or both!

Why did I say that? Well, I purposely “attempted” not to write anything there. The lady in charge called out to us and insisted we “log-in”. I asked why, she said “for the auditor”! So, there you are… the proof! No one trusts anyone anymore!

Now hear this...

Second to last entry of left page says “Cecille Uy & Company, Mambajao”. Second to last entry on right page says “15 heads, Mis. Or. 182”. So you don’t really have to write your name, right? Which goes back to “what the hell is this for?”. Why don’t they just install a CCTV, then let the ‘auditors’ count anytime they want to.

I mean, my point is, these are modern times. People can just take a snap-shot of any page (like I did) then start selling those names and addresses to pesky marketing firms who will start to hound you with their products. Not to mention fraudsters.

Case in point, I now know of a Cecille Uy from Mambajao. Now I can pose myself on the web as a bogus Cecille Uy from Mambajao so I can entice people to patronize a scam. Get the drift? Sorry to the real Cecille Uy of Mambajao for making you as an example here! But that proves a point. Your having written your name in that logbook is invitation enough for unscrupulous people to use it.

Ah. let’s get to the falls. But in another entry where I don't have my yadadadada on logbooks!

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