Sunday, March 7, 2010

“Nose Bleed” on the Paras Sea Cat

Now now, don’t you leave me bored anywhere for I will find something to keep the lowly mind busy! And those “fineprint” up front (where the neon-green arrows point) titillated my curious pea of a brain hahaha! I went near and read them all! One of those things in this country that I can call a pesky “Nose Bleed”! Dudugo ilong nyo!

The one on the left is still ‘fathomable’ to my ‘corporate language’ hehe. But I ’don’t know (yet) what is a "Bosun” or “O.S.”. Why should we know? Ah, from that chart, avoid where they go during an “AS” (that means Abandon Ship)! Why? Because during such emergency, Liferaft 5 and/or 6 will each only have one crew member joining namely “Bosun” and “O.S.” respectively. While if you jumped unto Liferaft 1, the Captain, Deck Cadet #1, Deck Cadet #3 and “Canteen In-Charge” will all be with you! In such an unfortunate incident (simba ko), whichever liferaft you jump into, there will be at least 2 crew members with you. Except for rafts 5 & 6 haha!

Oh yeah, I checked my pictures, there really are 6 barrels up on the roof. Those are the Liferafts folded, and they spring open to become your emergency craft when an “Abandon Ship” is declared. Wouldn’t you feel confidently safer if there were crew members with you?! I repeat, Liferafts 5 and 6 will have only 1 each and those are the “Bosun” and the “O.S.” respectively while all others will have 2 or more. At Liferaft 1, you’ll be sailing off with 4 crew members, with the captain of the ship no less!!

Then again, how do we as passengers know which is Liferaft 1, 2, 3 or 4? Awk! Ahhhehehe kuyawness but aliwness just the same!

Hmm, that other chart on the right… OMG, reading it got me dizzy as drunk! You would really exclaim “bisaya-a na lang gud” or “tagalogin na lang kasi”! Especially the 2nd and 3rd columns. Here are some examples:


I like this one:

And this one:

And this too, of course:
Do these liferafts fly? Read item 3 again... it will float FROM the surface! So, once that pesky raft goes up to the surface (of the water), then it will float "from the surface"! See? Maybe its like a flying carpet?! Okay, ready... sing "I can show you the world..."!

Ah I just love this country, it always brings a smile to my heart!

More of/on/in the fastcraft next!

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