Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paras Sea Cat Main Deck

This is the only stairway going down to main deck. Careful, the steps are narrow and the incline is rather steep. Plus, you have got to watch out bumping your forehead on that arrow. Did I? No, am already too used to passing by so many such ‘low ceilings’. Reaching that lower floor, you make a u-turn either way to enter the cabin.

Now who said my fastcraft was small?! Hehe, you can discern the size of this ship down here. Oh, my seat 3L is 3rd row up front right side in between 3K and 3M. Golly! But I saw no one was seated on that row, so I think the ticket clerk wanted me to enjoy all three seats just for me – a good distance from the widescreen TV too!
The seat positions are not consistent (probably due to the shape of the craft). Up front and somewhere at midsection, each row would have 4 seats on the left, five seats in the middle and 3 seats at right. Elsewhere its usually 4-5-4. That would be too many passengers, right? So this thing is actually big! Total passenger seating capacity of this whole craft is 303! How did I know? Seeecreeet!

Oh, where I stood looking at that cabin was this counter that is like a pantry – but it is officially called the “bar”. See those things on the shelf? Most of them are for sale.
Except the rice-cooker down below hehe. Hey, that coffee thing on the right edge of this picture is big. Am sure that’s the most in-demand commodity during trips. But not on this voyage of mine hehe. There were no customers! Aw Jo, I remembered you here because of those 2 red packs on lower-left of the shelf! Yep, you KitKat adik!

Okay now, after this “inspection” of my cabin, I went back up to the open deck where I saw an oh my lalala wonderfully salivatingly excitingly fantastic sight. Ah…

But let’s do that next!

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