Sunday, March 7, 2010

Entering Mambajao

Fortunately for me, this new trike I rode on at the boundary of Mahinog and Mambajao immediately took off after I sat (on front seat no less). So, the kind manong who thought he was giving me a free ride from Benoni to this point, did not anymore have a chance to return the 50-peso bill I left on his trike. His kindness deserved more than that, but that 50-peso bill was what I fished from the pocket before I made a run for this next trike!

I just know when I am talking to a good man versus the very usual 'jackpot mentality' or gahaman Filipinos that 99% of lowly service providers are. That manong certainly deserved more but I also thought of a maxim I try to live by – if you start giving more than commensurate they will start demanding for it as if that should be the norm.

Alright, let’s move on, and here are part of the scenes along the way…

They were running slow on that shoulder of the road, the bike wobbled and...
They fell smack unto that canal. But both supported their bodies with their right feet!
We did stop to ask if they were okay, they said yes.

More views...

When driver started asking where everyone was getting off, I just imitated what other passengers said – “mercado”!

But when trike turned right from the main road to this street, I said I’ll get off here.
Obvious? Yep hehe, so let’s talk about this in my next story!

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