Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gliding by Guinsiliban

Almost halfway (but not quite) on my clockwise route circling Camiguin. We last talked about Taguines Lagoon, right? Ah, it is still part of Benoni in Mahinog. Therefore, I haven't even made it to the southmost tip or my halfway mark. And it was already exactly 4:01PM. Awrrrr! Was I gunning for or chasing something? You'll know later! As for now, let's get back on the road for more of what I have seen. Here we go...

Another nice old wooden house. Had to take this shot even if I was facing the sun!

Oh, that signage for Buahanan Park just looks like its tacked to the house. Its not. It is nailed to the end-post of that bamboo fence! I did ask my guide what is Buahanan Park, and because we were both at cruising speed on each of our motorbikes, he hollered his reply in bisaya - something that meant "nothing important"! Ack! Am sure residents would have heard that, so pressed on the gas faster - lest some of them come out to the road offended hehe! Kuyawa!

Nice roads nice weather, moving onwards to Guinsiliban proper...

Guinsiliban Church.

Not calamity stricken. My guide says they're just renovating.

The "Son Of A Beach" in me was distracted.
I don't know... instinct probably. For a moment, I paused in that corner looking, itching to veer away from main road to see the area there with that kind of guard house or view deck! Unmistakably the beach or the waterfront. But another beauty beckoned...

Guinsiliban Municipal Hall.
Beautiful under the soft wash of the afternoon sun!

Circling the southern tip of the island...

Irresistibly wonderful place to walk along (if only I had more time)...
This is just at about the southern tip of the island of Camiguin...

But let's go onwards west and northwards next!

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