Sunday, March 7, 2010

GV Hotel, Mambajao Camiguin

I am familiar with that name. Have stayed at or have seen many of their branches in the Visayas and Mindanao. So, I thought why not check it out!

Hah hah, finding this front desk is such an effort. It is high up at 3rd level (I think, or was that 4th?) and there are no lifts. Rates are good but forget about this hotel if you are traveling with seniors! Am decades away from being senior but, hah hah hah hassle hahaha!

Ironically, entrance from the road goes down a rampway with some incline before you find the stairs to start huffing and puffing your way up hehehe.

But I was already there, so I asked a few questions primarily what was that unrelentless banging somewhere, as if part of the building was being demolished heheeee. I was told the hotel was undergoing renovation but work stops at 5PM. Front desk was helpful and eager to take me in, he even showed me a room – which meant another climb to an even higher floor!

Here is a sample of the ongoing construction as we passed by that floor.
Don’t be fooled by that room number 217. This isn't 2nd floor. Probably 4th or 5th!

Good enough rooms, better than Demiren, but I did not stay here! Why? Probably due to the constant banging by carpenters and masons. Plus the effort. Yeah, effort running up and down, effort finding food, effort getting a ride. Why? Because this area, though very much central, is away from the usual commercial establishments we tourists like to visit.

There is one big company building 2 or 3 houses away, but you can’t eat nor drink “Panasonic”, can you?! I actually like the ‘quiet’ in the neighborhood, but I just felt not this time.

That front desk guy was very helpful still, even if I already told him am going elsewhere. He told me I can take a habal-habal ride to the “mercado” (where I initially wanted to go, anyway). And he recited some accommodation facilities in the area. Rooftop Hotel stuck in my brain because I’ve read about it at the CDO airport, I saw a signage in the highway earlier, and, this guy mentioned it to me!

Aw this picture? I was already out of GV Hotel and done ogling at Panasonic when...
That habal-habal came just when I felt it was too sunny hot to walk to Rooftop Hotel!

Let’s go there then. Next story, that is!

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