Sunday, March 7, 2010

Camiguin Afternoon Run, Northwards to Sagay

Past by Guinsiliban, we head west and northwards to Sagay, Catarman, Mambajao.

A Rare Religious Find.
Nowadays, seldom do we see Pinoy children wear that way to a Sunday Service, right? Complete with that lacy headgear thing. Very rare!

4:19PM and Mr. Sun was still high up. Cooperative!

The doors are inscribed NSTRA SRA DE LA PAZ
Nice little chapel. Makes one remember the chapels during the American era - as if I was already alive then hehe! And nice of my shadow to appear on the picture hahaha!

Green fields…
I think that backdrop is one of the volcanoes.

Sagay Municipal Hall. Where? End of the left road!

Nice-looking too, right?
And it overlooks most of the town and the highway down below (behind me).

They even have quite a unique fountain! (that's their church at the back, btw)

The tentacles of that big squid are supposed to be ‘spewing’ jets of water!
I dreamed of seeing how it is, but maybe they only put it on during fiestas. Hmp!

And how clever, they made that triangular corner into a boat-shaped park!

This is part of the body of the “boat” as I descended from the municipal hall.

Nice tableaux. Unique!
Rizal is up there seemingly steering the ship. But honestly, that statue looks to me like a twin brother of Hitler hehe! And who is Dona Inocencia? Now that is one good thing to find out. The cannon at center? It is British! But how did it get to Sagay? See, there are just many things we learn from traveling around these islands!

Let's move further north, to Catarman next!

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