Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dinner At VjanDep Camiguin

"Where would be a good quiet place for dinner in town"? So, I asked the Rooftop desk lady who is seldom seen at her post. [I think these people at Rooftop also double as crew at the restaurant or bakery downstairs, since they don’t feel like staying idle at the front desk – which is even cozy and comfy]. Anyway, her reply was a series of places but what ringed in my head was “Vandep” – yes, they pronounce it that way.

So off to find Vjandep I went. She told me it is somewhere at the Parola that I seem to have seen earlier before exiting Mambajao on to circling the island. I knew it was some walk away, so I happily strolled in that direction.

I think the reason I got to pass by this area earlier in the day was because I asked my guide as to what really is that Parola, so we went there. Seeing that it was nothing extra ordinary nor something that can be entered or climbed upon, we just made a u-turn and proceeded out of town center. And it was on this u-turn that I saw a long building that seemed to be tourism-related where I thought I saw the name “Vjandep” but I thought was just another stall/branch of that delectable tinapay.

Entering the place, I realized it was a real and big restaurant. Nice feel even. Not that upscale like the Chicken Inasal thing at CDO last night, but nothing turo-turo too. I just wondered though, why at 830PM, there was only a me and another table of two lovers in some kind of a sweet talk (aruuu)! Waiter told me people eat early in Camiguin and on Sundays they usually eat out at lunchtime. Well, okay okay fine!

The placemat. Nice to have learned the story about that addictive cute little bread!

When I asked what was bestseller, he was quick to tell me and I probably did not even listen too well but just said I will have that with a cup of rice, and a bottle of SanMigLight.

I almost ran outside in surprise when the food arrived hahaha!
Fried chicken good for probably 5 people! It tastes good and am not surprised why it is their bestseller. But do I wonder why they don't have something for just 1 person?!

Anyway, I downed what I can, and see what remained of it when I was done!
Gosh ‘no?! Note to self: this pic was taken AFTER the extra rice hahaha! Imagine?!

Now, now... I resisted the urge to make a ‘fly-by’ at that area of the store. Why?
Because surely there will have been boxes and boxes of Pastel that I cannot let pass any time of day! Adik!

Oh, I did not tell you, while walking around CDO 2 days ago, I was feasting on a boxful that I grabbed at their branch near my hotel! And when I am at any SM Supermarket, Pastel is one of the first I try to find at the breads section (their boxes would usually be together with the likes of Lemon Squares, Cup Keyk  or Fudgee Bar – did you know that?)!

Anyway, the mind was willing to roam after this dinner, but the body wanted to rest!

Okay, tomorrow is another day... of roaming!

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