Sunday, March 7, 2010

Demiren To Cagayan De Oro Seaport

Oh yeah? Yea yeah hehe. This was a first time for me to take a fast craft from CDO to Camiguin, for in the past, one had to take a bus ride to Balingoan before crossing to the island. Well, times have changed for the better. Reason I had to try Paras Sea Cat – that’s how they call this fastcraft service. Yep, owned by Paras Resort.

0600H Sunday, I was excitedly already up, dumped my things inside the weekend pack (as if there are a lot anyway hehe) and went for the showers. 0630H, I was at Demiren’s front office to check-out, with protestation from the desk clerk. Why? Because, she said, I was way too early. Yup, she knew where I was going as she was one of those I peppered with many questions last night on how best to go to Camiguin! She advised me to have breakfast first etc., etc.

I prevailed anyway, so I asked the bellboy to help me hail a cab as I crossed the street to take a photo of Demiren Hotel's "external view". This is a narrow street and its a big building so I walked a bit to the end for a better vantage. But...

But this cab came to block my view while 'responding' to the bellboy. I waved my hand to shoo him away, but he came forth instead. And the bellboy also walked to this place to put my backpack in there. Argh, what else, so I snapped the shot anyway and took this ride. Ah, Demiren is that light blue building hehe!

Told the driver “Agora”! As if I knew what that meant! But that was what the front desk lady told me! Driver whisked me there fast without hesitation! So never forget... Agora!

By 0657H, I was already at 'Agora'. Am not sure about the surroundings. It looks like a market of some sorts, though some areas are like ruins or rundown structures, while other parts are like new big buildings with trucks going to and fro. But yes, the port of Cagayan De Oro is also in this area – a fairly new structure, I think.

When I bought my ticket, it seemed like I was the only passenger hehe. The lady who issued the ticket even looked still fresh with her hair still wet. At least naligo! O di ba?! No regrets! Ticket in hand, I had the chance to see the surroundings of this Agora whatever. I know Agora is Greek for Market but there is none here. Yup, I backtracked towards the street for a look since I hurried in earlier when I got off the taxi.

And I saw something… abangan!

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