Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jet Ski Chase, CDO To Camiguin

Yes they did! And OMG what a fun 'show'!

This becomes THE highlight (at least to me) of my 'Cagayan De Oro to Camiguin' trip aboard the Paras Sea Cat! Ahhh! An encounter I will cherish for life, I believe! It’s because I so love riding this thing, but still too dirt-poor to have one at the flick of my fingers. Awrrr! Donations please?!

Note to die-hard enthusiasts: this thing can have several names like wave runner, water scooter etc., at where you are. But in the Philippines, they all are called “jet ski” or more conveniently, even “jetski”!

Let’s use "jetski" then, and get to my story…

While still ‘busy’ looking at, and snapping pics of my surroundings as we waited for our fastcraft’s departure, I already saw this “pack-of-four” jetski riders crisscrossing the waters few meters off our boat. And I did not mind them at first. I even murmured “go have a ball you wealthy bastards, start slicing the sea on this bright clear day, what are you doing behind that RORO?, go now, go go go”! Get the hint here folks – “envy leads to sourgraping” and I confess I was MORE than envious of them. Is there a better superlative word for that? Ka-ilila bala!

I think this was about the time I was making a cursory look at the ‘main deck’ of Paras Sea Cat. So, after that first glance – lest I dehydrate from salivating too much – I tried to drop them jetski dudes from my awareness – where I was successful for only a while!

Why? Look at these…

Yeah, as we departed from the CDO port, then came them riders darting for, and in the direction of our fastcraft! “Wheeeeeee! Yeeeeaahh! Whoooooa! Go-go-go-go-go! Nearer nearer nearer! Yesss”! Oops, I wasn’t aware I was saying all those things loudly like a child – complete with dropping the camera and clapping or raising my thumb!

A foreigner (years younger than me am sure) was looking at me exclaim my jubilations and when I looked at him he continued grinning and said “you don’t love them, do you?” Ah, to which I said, “very much”! Ayun nagkaroon ako ng kausap!

I waved at the riders and they waved back! I signaled with a raised clinched fist thumping my elbow up and down then pointed towards the boat front. And wheeeeee, they raced overtaking our craft...

Hahaha, on hind sight, I must have looked like a foolish cartoon character! Imagine an aging 6-footer cheering and jumping and clapping? Whaaahehe, to each his own! Besides, there was only that foreigner and another manong smoking who were alive with me on that deck. The rest were asleep, and the idiot of a guard was on cloud nine, nirvana, wherever! There was nothing to guard about anyway hehe!

Hey, the riders slowed down after overtaking our fastcraft so they were back tailing it. They did the "overtake" as if to just give me proof they can run faster than the Paras Sea Cat. Coolness!

Here’s more. When I was sure one of them was looking at me, I pointed my forefinger down, then made quick circles with my whole hand as if stirring a big cup of coffee with my finger. Aaaannd vroooom, he got me! He slowed down a bit, then zoomed to about front of me and made the show! Wohoooooo!

But after that, they went darting far from us out into the eastern horizon. I think they went for that big ship to play around bigger wakes. Argh!

In no time though, they were back to ‘play with us’ again. Look at them come speeding to our craft. Yeah! This time, other tourists in the fastcraft (probably earlier roused by my shouts) were also already on the deck armed with their cameras.

This time the riders played around the bigger wake behind our fastcraft, and they even got too close to ‘touching distance’ from our boat. I guess that’s dangerous, but they’re probably pros in what they do. Here’s more of them…

When this guy (above) came very near our boat, one fellow passenger, a young lady, asked "si Peping Cojuangco ba yan?" where as they laughed, one of her companions replied with "di naman siguro"! Here is more of that daring dude!

Then they finally left us (I think they went back to CDO).

Ah I loved this show!

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