Monday, December 7, 2009

Ka ‘Waway Native Pala-Pala Restaurant

My Negros Oriental Tour: Dumaguete City
I saw this place while walking around the streets after Sans Rival when the skies seemed to have cooperated. I just noted it and went back to Harold’s Inn for a quick nap – for lack of anything else to go to, the rest of the gloomy afternoon. It’s a fairly new restaurant and decidedly was going to be my dinner venue after the needed nap. Oh yes, I knew how to set that alarm up! Had the TV set to channel 7, so that if ‘bente-kwatro-oras’ was doing its final chika minute, that would have been time for me to go and have dinner at Ka ‘Waway! Yey! I got outa the room when Mel Tiangko was exclaiming “walang kasinungalingan” or something like that!

Ka ‘Waway’s looks and feels rather new. Oh, this is at a street (Sta. Catalina?) next to and parallel to the famous Rizal Boulevard. Crews are (still) enthusiastically eager to serve and I was surprised there were quite a number of groups dining. In short, it was bustling. Whew! There I was again, almost ready to back out since I’d feel awkward being alone in a relatively ‘peopled’ place. But two things egged me to stick with this place for dinner… 1) At 2nd floor AND by the street side are smaller tables actually good for 2 to 3 but not so noticeable if you were alone hehe and 2) the menu was ultra-promising I immediately salivated. Hah!

Yeah… look at the menu prices. Almost everything is/was below P100 and OMG, it added to my hesitations. A eh… if you have been reading most of my blogs, you would know that the 3rd reason I stay away from a restaurant is quantity of food versus myself. It may be cheap alright, but what am I to do with my left-overs? That’s a sinful act that I have yet to overcome. Maybe its one of the many maxims that my grandma instilled in me. BUT (blush blush) I don’t really know why, I defied that maxim at Ka ‘Waway’s. Oh probably because the place was new or probably the food really looked delectable or both or I had nowhere else planned for the night. Ack! So I ordered prawns and beef thinking I would finish the seafood and probably take out the ‘beef with oyster’(sauce) that I won’t be able to consume.

The surroundings? Ah, its more like an attempt to fuse the atmospheres of Jo’s Chicken Inato, Chicken Ati-atihan, Gerry’s Grill, etc. In short it is a two level house open on all three sides for air to circulate freely. The upper level is of course the more airy area very ideal for most patrons. But it could still get hot in a place like so with many customers, right?! So, there are electric fans all over the place. My only problem in this beautiful place is that the city’s ugly ‘black spaghetti’ dominates the view to the streets. And most of them are just a few feet from the building. Well, I think there won’t be any wonderful solution to that even for the next 10 years. Curiously, am not sure if there is a town or city in this country that has started efforts at transferring their electricity, phone and CATV lines down beneath the streets.

Anyway, after that heavy dinner, I got out of Ka Waway’s toting the pack that was my excess Beef with Oyster (sauce). Note that I keep adding the (sauce) in parenthesis since their menu names it as Just Beef With Oyster. I ate the rest of the prawns as partner to my beer btw, from the time my 2nd cup of rice was wiped out hehe! I would have gone home to Harold’s Inn and was actually planning I’d give the ‘take out’ to the guard on night duty. But alas, it was not raining anymore! So I walked to Honeycomb for a few more bottles of SanMigLight. Oh some of the little boys and girls who beg around the boulevard came by. They were at the park side of the boulevard so I had to call them and gave the “take out” to them instead. They thanked me. Felt good! See?! Another lesson learned. Next time I wont immediately move away if a single serving of a restaurant’s food maybe more than I can handle!

So, when ‘left-over food’ can still be acceptably taken out enough for a meal, take it out… you’ll never know who you can make genuinely happy with it! That’s what I told myself!

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