Monday, November 30, 2009

Discovering Negros Oriental, A 10-Day Tour

Excited to tell you all about this tour! One of the most memorable for me. Though I may not have seen everything in each town… though some might say I spread myself too thin on this tour… I still claim I saw and learned a lot to share with you! I toured through all the towns and cities of the entire Negros Oriental (and some parts of Negros Occidental) in 10 days! So many things to tell about this trip, and my fingers cannot be as fast as my lowly brain can run recalling everything I saw and encountered! So here I go…

Why Negros Oriental (NegOr)? Ah, why not?!!! I have roamed all the towns and cities of Cebu and Siquijor, so Negros Oriental was naturally next in my list! What for?! Well, my answer to that question would be questions too like “what is cigarette for?” or “what is make up for” or “what is watching a movie for”? Ah hehehe! That’s it! Intiendes?!

The plan
Simple really… set out from Cebu City… go southwards all the way to Bayawan and/or Basay in Negros Oriental… start roaming every place practicable to see (my standards, not yours) and work my way up to the northern-most town of the province before heading up to San Carlos City then cross to Toledo and roll down back to Cebu! Yey! I actually did it plus more!

The route
Travel started following the blue line on map above. The neon green line was my return trip with a detour to Apo Island. Also a detour to Valencia. Then I continued with red line on map with detours to Mabinay, Kanlaon and Sipaway Island. Neon Green line is the return trip to Cebu!

The rule
Never return to Cebu City if not all towns and cities of Negros Oriental are covered. Whohoaaa!

Okay, let’s start talking about this grand tour. This will become another series of blog entries as there are so many long stories to tell. The next entry please!

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  2. Hi,thanks a lot for visiting our small town Sta. Catalina as you've seen it's not really that progressive town yet but, we're hoping that in the future it will become a city also. We are very thankful that our town is one of the peaceful one although, a lot of NPAs' up in the mountains. We have also small falls in some places that you were not visited, as you observed people in the province are MAHIYAIN, especially if ur from Manila (tagalog language)but, some love to talk to manilinians....good luck to you and more power, thank you very much..... am from this town and everywhere i go, i never neglect that i came from this lovable sta. catalina...VIVA STA. CATALINA.....i miss you so much.....