Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breviloquent Joy At Bindoy

My Negros Oriental Tour: Municipality of Bindoy
This is another small town of the province where I did not have anything much to see at town center. But just the same, I still kept the promise I must step on each and every locality of Negros Oriental. So Bindoy was next. I though it was still rather early to speed straight thru to San Carlos for the night, Thus, from Manjuyod I hopped unto this town. Ah "Bindoy" is not complicated for anyone’s tongue to pronounce, just a simple ‘bin-doi’, that’s it.

I got off near the municipal hall and OMG, everything was a-mess and topsy-turvy in this place. Ah, they were preparing their giant Christmas tree and the many other decorations that was to be scattered all though out the beautiful (though small) park in front of the munisipyo. And I got hooked to the men and women who were busy crafting those decors. There was an awkward looking snowman with freaky orange hands, there was a gaint tweety twit orange birdiebirdie with blue wings and yellow beak. I saw thousands of big and small light bulbs, rolls and rolls of electrical wire all being readied. Another giant snowman, this time colored white and green with a red scarf and yellow hat together with another even bigger orange tweety birdie-bird were done and standing at a path waiting to be installed at their designated stations. Wow!

Real leaves and fake leaves were waiting in line to be stuck to whatever the designers have thought about them. A giant octopus, a giant turtle and a giant fish were in the making – all made of paper wrapped around wire and bamboo frames as bones with rice-stalk or haystack to make the ‘flesh’. An awkward looking camel with one of the three kings riding it was receiving its first coating of white paint. The wooden scaffolding used to slowly erect the Christmas tree was still standing tall like it was going to be another Eiffel tower. Real trees were being trimmed and pruned to various shapes. The smaller ones were being made to look like giant umbrella mushrooms. Real leaves from the trees were scattered all around. Ah, in the midst of all those constructions and preparations, I actually was smiling (grinning I think) like a child highly expectant of what fun will come out as a final product of all those works in progress.

Sadly, I knew I wouldn’t have been able to see the finished product that is their park turned into a Christmas wonderland. Anyway, I walked towards the municipal hall just to ogle at it - with quick glances at all the Christmas things being constructed. Ah I saw men building a really big structure that looked like it was going to be a stage or a platform with a veranda. And they were building it right on top of the existing water fountain of the garden. The structure’s posts mounted on the ground just outside the concrete rims of the fountain. OMG, I was already screaming deep inside me that this must be a fun place to see when done. But I knew I was not about to return to Bindoy anytime soon. So I just imagined the beautiful finished product, the way my mind wanted to.

Because of those, I told myself this was a wonderful little town that makes serious with their Christmas fun. I know those constructions and lights and wires and plastic sheets and wood and paint were nowhere near cheap. And there are no big malls, factories or corporate entities in this quiet little town to sponsor them. So, I surmised their government must have allotted huge sums for their Christmas decorations to come to reality. And it was in progress with happy men and women who seemed to be enjoying what they were tyasked to do. Well, I was not surprised. Down by the side of the road, with paint already fading and chipping off the big board, is the pronouncement of what this town is… Bindoy – A Child Friendly Municipality. If for the Christmas things they were doing, I must say yes they are, since just by roaming around and seeing people doing those decors, the child in me came alive! Anyway…

Looking at their municipal hall, I thought this must have been the newest and most modern of all town halls I have seen in the province. The design and color of the whole building seemed to tell me it was built (or reconstructed) in this decade. It has a big balcony that serves as roof of the ground floor foyer. Hmm, wide enough for the whole town council members to perched on during any of their ceremonies or celebrations. Hello Aguinaldo, Bindoy has a bigger and better place to wave that flag and declare independence hehehe! Even bigger than that balcony in Malacanang where then Ferdinand Marcos took his last oath before fleeing to Hawaii! Ah, when I looked closer, all the significant lines and edges of the building were lined with little Christmas lights too! Ah, am sure it would look grand during the night. Ahhh!

Alright, I knew I could not stay any much longer and wait for the night lights nor wait for the decorations to finish (it would still take days). So I reluctantly walked out of the area to head out to the church. But across the highway, I saw their public market that also seems to have a fairly new building. I went in and looked around to see what was being sold. Fairly regular as in any public market. Hey, I learned many of the stalls and stores close their shops for the lull period of the early afternoon and just re-open at sun down towards evening. Hello Spain, they also have siesta here hehe!

Out of the market that has a wide concrete parking area, I was walking to the church. I remember somebody told me theirs has a different look – flat fa├žade instead of the usual pointed front wall tapering to the roof. Then it rained, and a bus for Bacolod via San Carlos was passing by. So I hopped in and that hastily ended my Bindoy visit! Gosh!

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