Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lola Nitang’s

My Negros Oriental Tour: San Carlos City, NegOcc
This hotel is probably the most central of them all, in that it is right across the city’s auditorium. This was another option that I have come across when surfing the web, while in the bus from Bindoy. But yes, as said in earlier blogs, my first choice was Mom’s. I did not even go looking for Lola Nitang’s as I was already happy with YM Business Inn, but, accidentally, I chanced upon this hotel while roaming the city! So on my 3rd night, decided to check-in just to get a feel of this place. Verdict… good too!

Facing a bit southwest, the small front desk of this hotel is relatively dark compared to Mom’s Small Hotel and/or YM Business Inn. There are ample yellow lights though, plus a white AUV always parked by the entrance (under that cute trellis) reflecting more light going inside! Should the vine grow and crawl more in that trellis, I guess that would make the front desk go darker even a bit more hehe. But its fine enough for me. It has a homey ambiance. It feels like this hotel is/was an old ancestral house converted and spruced up to what it is now. Ah, that picture was taken when I checked-in on an evening, thus the lights. But its not any brighter than this during the day hehe!

Am not sure how is the second floor of this facility as I was assigned a room on the third level. I observed that ground and second levels were/are the original components of the old house and third level is an additional building that seems to be piggy backed on the former. Now that makes it beautiful! Why? Because, after climbing the stairs, you land on top (roof deck) of the second floor which is now a wide and open terrace. So what? Well, from there, you can have your meals or snacks ‘al fresco’ with a view of the city auditorium, some of the other structures at city center, and even Kanlaon volcano if it were not a cloudy day! There is a door that leads to the hallway for the 3rd floor rooms!

The rooms. Well, judging from the outside, I did not expect the room quality to be that good. This only shows that the owners know how to do basic accommodation standards. There is even a telephone in each room! Yeah, at YM, there is none! Each room door is made of heavy wood and the bathroom walls’ tiles are wide marble slabs. I noticed though that there is a narrow floor space that skirts the external portion of all rooms. It probably was designed for easy access to windows and airconditioners during repairs. But, that also means each room is accessible from the outside via any window or even the smaller bathroom window. Well, this is on 3rd floor and I do not imagine the hotel crews would do something stupid like break into any room from that accidental access. But what if other guests have itchy hands and do the unscupolous?! Not even to steal but probably just to peep at your naked sexy body hehe! The solution… I made sure all windows were locked and that all curtains were down – which made my room night-dark even if it was a bright noontime!

I did not see a restaurant or mess hall or anything like that in the whole of Lola Nitang’s. But there are laminated copies of their menu that you’ll find at the front desk and at each room! For breakfast, my order was delivered to my room and I ate it there, a few inches from the television haha! Forgot that I should have enjoyed it over at the terrace with a view! Hey, btw, the 3rd level rooms may not be that easy to reach if you or your companions are not that young. The stairs are nice but It’s still a long climb hehehe!

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  1. thank you for the nice blog on Lola Nitang's although I just read it recently thru a friend. Points raised are well taken and can be made basis for improvements. As what we keep on saying, I hope we were good enough to say welcome home traveler. I hope you can visit again.