Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village

My Negros Oriental Tour: Dumaguete City
Okay, I was back in Dumaguete City with the rain still on and off, so I thought of what else to do or see. Hmm, I remembered the Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village that I visited last year but was not able to roam much of it as there were a lot of people. It was a bustling feast day. So, I went for it as this time there would be few people. Hah, I was wrong… there were no few people… there was virtually none! And I loved it hehe! Well, to the extent that some of the houses were themselves unmanned or closed and some displays have been removed :( But I still moved on.

It’s a “village” where there is a central building that is a museum and a store for Negros Oriental products. At the back is some kind of an open auditorium or something for events or shows. And around the area are houses, each made, maintained by and representing the towns and cities of the province! Imagine a localized version of the world expo hehe. This is it. Ah there are so many descriptions of this place on the web, so I think I’ll just show you some pics and my curious notes about this village. Nope I do not want to call them booths, kiosks or stalls. They are real houses!

Those are all shells!


La Libertad


Pamplona "Lounge", yey!


Santa Catalina

Canlaon City

Bais City. Hmm, I can sense politics at play!

This is that signage on the wall (previous photo)


Dumaguete City


those are corn cobs that frame the door!


Alright, that is the province's attempt to showcase all the beautiful things and products of every local government in one accessible location. And that is in the provincial capital, Dumaguete City. Its a bright move and should be emulated by all provinces who care to "sell" their local governments as tourism destinations!

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