Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 Nights in San Carlos

My Negros Oriental Tour: San Carlos City, NegOcc
Yes three full nights! And what did I do for a nightlife? Nothing! Well, I did not research nor prepare for this city as I was just bent on roaming Negros Oriental. San Carlos was more of a convenient coincidence hehe. Plus, most of the time, I was out of the city returning only at night tired. So what did I do nga during those three nights?! Ah eh… nothing much really but I liked it anyway. Here I go…

First night, if you may have read entry #42 of this series, I actually did not hit the sack immediately after getting my room key. I asked the hotel crews and they told me to try going to La Riqah Café & Bistro Bar. So I did, even for just a short while. Well, the place looks promising but too dark than usual. If you judge that place from the available light, it has the leanings of being a seedy place. But I think it is not. Am no fan of well lit a-la Chinese restaurant eating places but darkness in La Riqah seemed too much. I had to put out my lighter plus the little flashlight of the waiter just for my aging eyes to be able to read the menu. Final choice: SanMigLight hahaha! That was my first night alright, and after 3 bottles (I think), I looked for a trike (its not easy on a Wednesday night btw) to get me back to YM Business Inn and I slept.

Second night, I had dinner followed by the usual parade of SanMigLight bottles right at the cozy restaurant of YM Business Inn. That, as I tinkered with M912 recalling and writing the many experiences of the past few days for which you may have already read in previous posts. Well yes, when during that night my back ached a bit for having sat there longer than dinner requires, I stretched by walking to the hotel lobby. A trike came, so leaving whatever I had on my table at the restaurant, I asked if I can ride to do a quick tour around places in the city that are still well-lit or those that have restaurants and/or bars. There I was joy-riding, not too many that I saw. And most are places walking distance to my hotel anyway hehe! Then I was back at my table in YM, proceeded with the writing and the beer. Then… zzzngork!!! Yeah, I slept like a log!

Third night? Ah this was a different kind of fun. First, I was already in a new location / accommodation – Lola Nitangs. Why so?! Well, I thought that since the prices were not much different and I was trying to experience places as much as I can, I should try Lola Nitangs! Hindsight, I told myself I should have stayed at a different place on all three different nights. Too late anyway, since I enjoyed the two nights at YM Business Inn. Anyway… on this 3rd night, I planned to stay at the verandah of Lola Nitang’s with a few beers till my eyes drooped. But something caught my eyes and ears! Yeah, the Pintaflores Festival Troupe that would be representing the city during the Sinulog Festival come January was having their rehearsals at the city auditorium just across Lola Nitang’s. All doors were closed and not even friends and family of the participants were allowed in. But by design, there are little slats or grills in the walls so one could still peep in hehe! I did. And OMG how strict their trainers are. It was very usual to hear shouting when the dancers were not paying attention. I thought that must be how serious these festivals are. Wow! Then I went again to La Riqah and its nearby places, but did not stay long. And I slept like a log again hehe!

Hey, there maybe other better nightlife experiences in San Carlos that you know! Tell me and I should be noting them down for my coming tour of Occidental Negros – yep, with a repeat roam of San Carlos since I plan to start out from there hehe!

Let’s go to my last day in the city.

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