Thursday, December 10, 2009

RORO Your Boat!

My Negros Oriental Tour: San Carlos City to Cebu City
I wanted to make the rounds and see whatever I could in this ship, right?! So I did! Here are some of the things I saw:

too few passengers, Manong is very busy... watching TV!

1st class, business class, low class, high class, wa-class
whatever you paid for, you can go and sit anywhere

a view from the RORO, the passenger terminal

another class of service, hey there's even a table!

our bus on queue, waiting for its cue to ride the RORO

beds of the same leather... hehe
up, down, front, back, side, center... take your pick!

down at first level... hey 562 is my bus!

all clear, ready to go, yey!

'bantay dagat' is a localized version of 'coast guard' hehe

yeah, I could see the top portion of the church!

Sipaway Island on the other side... nice views, right?!

so there we went... so long San Carlos, farewell Negros!
I'll be back soon to roam the rest of Occidental. Promise!

uh-huh, there's a canteen... ARGH! pepsi products only!
yes, that's my siopao! in VisMin, sauce is usually catsup

Hello Sugbu! Hello moon!

I cannot be wrong, those are the ship yards of Balamban

Hello Toledo! Yeah, home of the fantastic Hinulawan!

Familiar? We partied here during the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo!

soon as our bus was off the RORO, some folks climbed-in
to join the ride, then we just zoomed through city center!

And off to Cebu city our bus proceeded. Any stories on the route and the views along the way? None hehe! Why? It was already night time and impossible to see anything other than my handsome reflection on the glass window of the bus! I just know we traveled eastwards to Naga City, then northwards to Cebu City’s south bus terminal. Oops, bus did not enter the terminal as passengers were just let off near it along N. Bacalso Avenue. And to my advantage, it proceeded to the north bus terminal. I asked and learned that the Bacolod runs of Ceres have lately been transferred to emanate from and terminate at the north bus terminal! Nearer my Cebu home, yey!

Oh well, that was a mighty fantastic tour of Negros Oriental!

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  1. i love riding the ro-ro especially when it's a "connecting" trip. hehehe