Monday, December 7, 2009

Changing Bases, Dumaguete to Bais

My Negros Oriental Tour: Dumaguete To Bais Trip
Time to move on towards the northern half of the province and change my ‘base of operations’ hehe. Had to make a quick change to this planned move, but I like it anyway. Plan was ride a bus to Tanjay, roam around and stay there overnight. But things were muddled by some semi-official errands at Dumaguete so that I was only able to leave late in the afternoon. And argh, it was raining! At the Ceres terminal, I spotted a bus bound for Manjuyod and wondered why :) Maybe they do have a hub there, and I wonder why hehe! Anyway, when conductor asked me where I was destined, I suddenly said Bais.

A re-plan was already working in my head. I would instead go straight to Bais in lieu of Tanjay for I would reach any of them by nighttime. Why? I thought I would be happier spending the night in Bais instead of Tanjay. Why? Because the reviews I saw on the web are better for La Planta Hotel (Bais) than Hotel De Tanjay (La Residencia). I was almost sure the night would at least be more active over at Bais. Those were really ‘unfounded’ information… but what can I do, I was already on the bus!

This was to be a 2 hour trip or so. So I sat smugly on my bus seat thinking about planned visits that did not materialize or places I had to omit for practical reasons. The underlying ‘consolation’ that I would always tell myself was ‘at least there’s something to look forward to in my next visits. Oh, there were parts of the highway that would come out beautiful when not raining or just lightly drizzling. And there were the places I should have visited but did not. Ahhhh…

There was my bus passing by “Jo’s Chicken Inato By The Bay”, the way to Mt. Talinis and Twin Lakes, Wuthering Heights, the way to Lake Balinsasayaw, Azalea, Amlan Falls, etc etc., and OMG it was suddenly already dark. Thanks to pesky rain clouds:( I took a picture of the lighted arc when we entered Tanjay and it was already dark and drizzling. When I checked the time, it was only 5:39PM. Whoa! And when I got off the bus at Bais, it was only around angelus time but it was already night time!

Oh well… next is Bais and other places I visited in the area!

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  1. Can't wait to read more about this leg of your journey! :)

  2. same here! more more more!