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Negros Oriental Tour, Cebu to Bayawan By Bus

My Negros Oriental Tour: Bus Ride from Cebu City to Bayawan City
Cebu to Dumaguete
Reaching the south bus terminal at 6:35AM, I was late for the direct Cebu-Dumaguete-Bayawan buses as they now leave 5AM and 6AM respectively instead of 6AM and 7AM. So, I took an aircon bus on its way to Dumaguete. But I got off at Liloan’s Puerto Del Sur passenger terminal (in Santander) so I could cross via fastcraft to Sibulan and make my way by multicab or trike to the Ceres terminal in Dumaguete.

You might ask why did I not just take the bus all the way to Dumaguete’s Ceres Terminal and connect to another bus from there going Bayawan. Well, ah, from experience and some asking around, it is faster if you cross on your own via the fastcrafts to Sibulan from Liloan than keep riding the Ceres all the way to Bato that crosses to the Tampi port in Amlan before proceeding with the ride to Dumaguete passing by Sibulan. If you did not quite get that, just try ‘google maps’ or ‘wikimapia’ to look for those places. Or see the map I tweaked in the previous post :)

While I have already taken a fastcraft direct from Cebu to Dumaguete (just once) and it is the most comfortable, it was not an option on this trip as I hate the boredom of sitting in the craft watching either (sometimes both) old or violent movies. If they instead showed documentaries or tourism-related videos, I might be enticed. As for now, no if I don’t want to sleep the trip through! Ah air travel from Cebu to Dumaguete, though most of the time cheapest (if you constantly watch out for Cebu Pacific’s promo fares) is also an option I seldom use as it leaves Cebu at an unholy 0630H which means I have to wake up latest at 0330H. Well am using it when I go to watch Buglasan Festival this year.

But as for this exciting trip, I opted for Ceres to Liloan as described above, just for me to see the beautiful sights along the southeastern seaboard of Cebu again. And another glimpse of Sibulan’s church and town hall! Ah yes, and this probably is an unconsciously prime determinant – I also wanted to once again taste that delectable tinola at the eatery inside Liloan Terminal’s passenger lounge hehe. Until now, I can claim that it is so far one of the best tinolas I have tasted on earth. Well yes, sometimes I get confused as to which is better… theirs or the tinola over at an eatery in Catbalogan Samar’s pier uno. Oh, talking about Liloan Port’s eatery, there is another thing I always crave for… their “torta ginaling” (fried mix of ground pork and scrambled eggs). I think they bake it cuz each serving is thick as a cake slice, well-cooked all the way to the middle portion but never burnt on the outside! Whatever! Basta masarap and your P50++ will be a grand meal!

The ferry crossing on ‘Santander Express 1’ was a bit full but not too cramped. It was (as usual) a quick and uneventful crossing of Tanon Straight in less than 20 minutes. Easy catching a multicab from front of Sibulan’s municipal hall to Dumaguete but it did not leave immediately and kept stopping for more passengers. Plus, I had to switch to a trike inside the city to reach Dumaguete City’s Ceres Terminal. I could actually have waited for a Ceres bus passing by Sibulan so that I would just switch buses on arrival at the Dumaguete terminal, but a barker convinced me to take the multicab. And mind you, at least 3 Ceres buses passed by or overtook my multicab. Argh!

Dumaguete to Bayawan
I took a non-air-conditioned Ceres bus from Dumaguete City to Bayawan City. I actually wanted to get on an air-conditioned one all because it was a blistering noontime. But the last morning run just took off a minute ago, the dispatcher told me. AND, it was the air-con bus from Cebu! Wow and argh hehe! I almost caught it! But almost is not good enough hehe! Next air-con bus to Bayawan was coming at 3PM yet, and it was only 12 noon. Can’t waste time doing or seeing nothing, so I hopped on the first available non-aircon bus with a vacant front-seat to Bayawan. Go go!

All eyes open wide! Can’t take my eyes off the road (the sides, I mean) as this was an important part of the trip. I was making a cursory look at places I would be visiting later. okay, let’s describe this part of my trip with the pics I took!

Ah, too many road constructions. Aren’t they done with that yet?! Obviously not hehe!

Ah also, like anywhere, tricycles and motorcycles are allowed on the highway so they sometimes keep the otherwise zooming bus to a slow pace. Oh hey, a trike in front of us had one passenger sleeping on her side! How’d the girl do that? Just look at the picture.

Oh hey too! That white man in front of our bus was that same white man on my fastcraft from Liloan to Sibulan! Probably a resident in the area… and yes, he abides by the “no helmet policy” hehehe!

Alrightie, now I know where one veers right from the highway going to Valencia!

Oh, cockfights must be real important in Dauin. Look at their arena, its beautiful and new, definitely better than many a town’s gymnasium!

Saw signages pointing the way to this and that resort, this and that place, this and that whatever. Aha! So I learned what to look for, where to stop, where to connect rides and where to see what! Wohooo!

And, after about 8 hours and roughly 270kms of traveling, I finally reached Bayawan City. Next article please!

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