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Bacong Town Hall and Beach Park

My Negros Oriental Tour: Municipality of Bacong
Moving on from Dauin, the town of Bacong was naturally my next destination. That’s pronounced ‘buh-kong’ and not your tasty bacon with an added g, okay?! I heard that this is the smallest town of the province so I did not expect I’d be roaming here for long. But what a place! This town is actually a suburb at just 9 or so kilometers from Dumaguete but waaay far from noisy with motorcycle, tricycle and car sounds. And the place actually rings big in history – at least for me, I think! I arrived at this “little” town getting off exactly in front of the big big lawn (park?) fronting the cute municipal hall. Ah yes, like some of the previous towns, big big lawns fronting (or beside) the town’s seat of government. So I walked right in to middle of field hehe! To meet someone…

Leon Kilat. Aw, what a learning! The big park has two prominent monuments flanking the town hall (while a bigger 3rd at center is in progress). The other is Rizal, so I naturally went for the unfamiliar, and this is it! I have actually been meaning to know how/why that street in Cebu was named Leon Kilat. So here was the explanation! Wow and yeah! That name is a monicker for the real citizen named Pantaleon Villegas who lived from 1873 to 1898. Let me translate that NHI marker… “Born in Bacong July 27, 1873. He joined the Katipunan while in Manila after the murder/execution of Visayan fishermen at Camba St., Binondo in September of 1896. Caught and imprisoned by the Spaniards but escaped and joined the revolutionary forces of Cavite in 1897. Assigned by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo to expand the revolutionary forces in Cebu on the same year. Headed the April 3 1898 uprising in Cebu. Murdered in Carcar Cebu 5 days after the uprising. His remains transferred to this town on August 2, 1926.

So that is Pantaleon Villegas more popularly known as Leon Kilat. Oh alright, am still “researching why he was given that monicker of “Leon Kilat” and how that April 3 uprising went. But am sure of two things – why one street in Cebu is named Leon Kilat and why another street is named “Tres De Abril” (April 3)! See?! I learned something again hehe. And he was only 25 when it all ended. Wow! Moving on in this park towards the municipal hall, I come across an almost finished and even bigger monument. It is also him, riding on a horse and in the act of charging forward in a war. Hmm, where were we, what were we doing when we turned 25 years old? This Leon Kilat must have been a brave young man. Anyway…

Moved forward and I was in front of their “pamahalaang bayan” (municipal government). I earlier said it is cute, right? Well, see the picture. Its not that big nor pompous but attempts to have the look and feel of the various old capitol buildings in this country. Nice. Oh, that thing atop? Ah this picture was taken before Christmas, that’s why. I like it that this municipal halls also surrounded by big trees. They’re really big that some parts (esp in front of the building) have been constantly pruned so they won’t cover or obscure the structure.

Beach Park. I was walking towards my left from the municipal hall as I could already see my next destination, the church. But the newly paved road lined with big trees between municipal hall and church got me curious. It leads to the back of the municipal hall and the sea, yes, but what ever is there for this place to be seemingly well maintained. I moved on and voila, the gate of ‘Talisay Beach Park and Tree House’. Not really ultra fantastic looking but it looked kinda most of the common family owned beach resorts all over this country. And big houses were perched up on trees! Whoa! So I paid the entrance fee (P30 weekends, P20 weekdays) and roamed the place.

Before the actual beach area, there are greens and paths where huts of various sizes are scattered. And when I say ‘greens’, its not just well tended grass but a lot of big tall trees and some flowering plants. Hey, there are cages that house some creatures that the town probably caught or received for rehabilitation, whatever. I only went to ogle at two of them as their cages were along my path. First was the brahminy kite. Not that it is so special, since you can see it at any attempt of a zoo, mini-zoo or aviary in this country. But that lone bird seemed to be crying. Y’know the sound that seems to say “ayeeeeeeee”. I went near and enjoyed watching it tilt its head left or right curious of my camera hehe. Then there was that big bat just hanging upside down, seemingly oblivious of my presence. Its big! I think probably the size of a cat. Well, I think it did look into my lens a few times. Anyway…

Tree houses. These are not your so-so tree houses like those you would find at Pasonanca Park. They are big enough to be called real houses or apartments. Yes they’re perched on big trees but (to ensure stability) they’re actually supported by either concrete or steel posts. The stairs and the bathrooms and verandas of the bigger house are even also concrete. Though yes, you’ll still feel your “house” is up a tree. Ah cute and unique how they call these tree houses. ‘Mother Tree House’ is biggest and costs P3,000 for overnight use or P2,000 for 12 hours maxhimum of 10 persons. Any extra head is P200. Its really big you can hold parties both up and below this tree house. There is even a grill area. ‘Daughter Tree House’ is P2,000 overnight and P1,500 12 hours also max 10 persons. Just you wait as in the future there might become a father tree house, a son, a grandma and grandpa hehe!

There are the regular day-use cottages too and all are clean, in good condition and properly maintained. Then there is the beach. Well, if you are just another ‘son-of-a-beach’ like me, you may not be jumping with joy at the strip of beach here in Bacong’s Talisay Beach. Its black, there are stones, rocks or boulders just by the water. But the views towards the sea and the haze that is the island of Siquijor is worthy enough for this park to be a fine place for relaxation.

Hmm, Bacong is a little big town for me. Let’s go to their church?!

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