Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 1 At Haven Of Fun, San Antonio

This is where I finally stayed overnight on the eastern side of the island.
Yup, Haven of Fun is the 3rd of the three adjacent resorts owned by relatives that are not quite in good terms with one another - that I mentioned in an earlier story.Smile


Is it a haven? I'd say, yes. But “of fun”, am not sure hehe. This is serenity as I like it, however. There was no blaring music, there were no people boisterously bantering around, the white sandy beach was without any humanity! Then again, it was probably because only 3 rooms were occupied during this visit, which was a Monday!

Compared to Puro and Seashore, this one would be the more respectable in terms of facilities from out on the beach to inside the rooms. Well, not to mention this is the most expensive too! But it's not that big a difference anyway. Here was my room:
At P1,200, way far from the other two resorts! There'll be more pics in my next story.

Okay, ah... let's talk about dinner.
I actually have planned for this to be at Seashore Spring Beach Resort, but a crew of Haven Of Fun asked me in the afternoon, as to what I might want for dinner (she had their menu in hand). Curious, and seeing that their menu card (take note: just the card, not the contents or those printed on the card) looked more interesting than that of Seashore's. I opted to have dinner here and "pre"-ordered what I wanted!

Exactly 7PM, another crew member knocked on my door to ask "sir, saan nyo po gusto mag-dinner", to which I jokingly sarcastically replied "dito sa resort nyo, duh, nag-order na ako". He smilingly said "I mean sir, saan dito sa resort namin", to which I (confused) replied with "where do you suggest?". It dawned on me, that this place may probably not have a restaurant or a cafe or a mess hall or anything like that hehe. He gave choices saying "pwede inside your room, pwede dito sa porch (my room's porch has a table and chair), pwede rin doon sa mga cottage". Awk! So, I said "dito na lang sa porch, pero pwede ba mga 7:30?". He smilingly nodded and disappeared.

7:30PM came and my food promptly appeared, this time brought by yet another crew (the 4th I have encountered since arrival) and he placed it on the table at my porch only after I opened the door to check who was knocking. I then asked for bottled water. The reply was "sir, hindi malamig"! To which I aghastedly asked "ha? bakit?".
And he said "ngayon lang pinaandar yung ref"! Argh! But I still ordered a small bottle as I did not have any plan of sipping seawater for a drink! Along with that 'order' I told him to as early as now put a Coke and a bigger bottle of water in their freezer so that they'd be cold by the time I finished my meal. He was hesitating, as if ready to tell me "no", so I went the few steps to their "front-desk" and he followed. Reaching the desk, manned this time by a manager-looking gayish adult. I was not even done telling my predicament and he immediately said "oh yes sir, pasensya na po". I glanced at the boy as if to say "see?" and went back to devour my dinner. Good combo meal. Tastes good too!

After 37 minutes, these finally materialized... yep, already cold. Haaay!
The empty smaller bottle (now my ashtray) was that one I still got even if not cold.

After this dinner, I sat on that porch with a heavy tummy hehe. Which made that so, the butter in the veggies or the coke in can or both? Ah well, I thought of walking out to Seashore for a beer or two. But whatever came to mind, I instead made that stroll towards center of town. Just to see really, how evenings are at downtown. Hmm, well, as expected, just about every house or store was either already closed or about to close! Yeah, just about 8PM hehe! But I was able to grab 2 bottles of very cold beer from one sari-sari store, and brought them back to my room for a night-cap. Solved!

Alright, let's 'show-and-tell' more in the next story. The beauty in this place emerges!

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