Saturday, June 14, 2014

San Antonio Island, The Eastern Side

Done with Capul and out of EWP Island Beach Resort, we headed back to the eastern side – for my friends to go back to mainland Samar, and for me to continue my roam.
Yep, that's the water's edge of the yellow-shaded area, that's where we went.

This eastern part of San Antonio Island (facing mainland Samar) is the more prominent destination of many visitors – locals or otherwise. This is after all where the town center is located and this is also where the first few beaches were ‘discovered’ as good destinations for their rest and recreation.

Thus, it is now laden with resorts almost from northern to southern end. Thus too, my need to see them to satisfy the curious in me, and to have something to tell you my dear readers!

But let’s do these places in the next articles, aight? Let’s go…

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