Saturday, June 14, 2014

Seashore Spring Beach Resort, San Antonio

This is just a few steps from my previous story (Puro Beach Resort)
Whether you go by way of the sandy beach or the road. We went via the beach!

This one is about an “age” away, compared to Puro. Fact is, this one has a lot of rooms yet there were few choices. Why? Because there were so many guests! This must be the “defeault” for frequent visitors to San Antonio – young & old or rich & poor alike.

Probably due to the demand, there is even already less of the gardens or green grass in this resort. Yeah, most everywhere is already planted to cottage rooms! At least on the southern end (where some new houses/cottages were being built), there are still some lawn you can trod on.

Rooms are of the concrete type single-level houses, roofs are thatched nipa for the native effect, though I think those are on top of the usual corrugated tin-roofing common all over this country. One section, that which kisses the boundary with Puro is a 2-level building with rooms on ground floor and second floor. Yeah, as if to really make a clear demarcation between the ‘warring’ families hahaha!

There is a wide enough restaurant (will probably seat 50 or more) on ground level of building nearest the gate. The cashier area of this resto also serve as front-desk and sari-sari store and housekeeping and whatever else you need to get in touch with the resort’s personnel for! Ah yes, on the side is also a souvenir shop!

Friends and I decided I should stay overnight in this resort. Yeah, me pakialam sila where they would leave me – as if I was a 6 year old boy – when in fact I obviously am the most traveled among all of us! But their choice was mine too, so no issue there! I was given Room S3 (or was that S2?)– just some 8 or so steps from front desk/resto. And though not directly in front of the sea, it had a view enough from the little window.

Why did I say my room was not directly in front of the sea? Well, all their rooms are. Why? Because, the edge (very front of the beach) is lined with a row of daytime little cottages that are rented out separately from room accommodations. And this is where things get lively thumping and throbbing by the way! Why? Because any of the daytime users of these nipa cottages can and may bring their own sound-systems, even karaoke machines, so it could be a din if you are lucky! It was the case of my S3, but I was fine with it – I miss hearing the banter and always loud ‘iristorya’ of waray-waray folks!

There are choices though if you want to be away from the ‘aringasa’ of daytime guests. Like choosing an upper room at the “R” building and cottages, or the single-level rooms at the T and U cottages on the southern end.

Aren't you curious why their room numbers have prefix letters like the R, S, T and U as mentioned above? Well, I was, so I asked one of the owners who toured us around. The letters are codes representing the family that owns the place. Yeah, the family. While the other adjacent resorts are also “family” that they are not in good terms with, this one is also composed/owned of/by many families (probably the immediate family) who weirdly must have their way of building their rooms, coloring it and so forth. I could see that they are silently and weirdly competing amongst each other. Ah families – the consultant in me itched to gather all of them for a day of lecture on family enterprises hehehe!

After check-in, I went to walk around the rest of this beach area – but that’s my next story. Anyway, on return to my room more than an hour later, there was some kind of “technical glitch” that made me and the resort staff decide I should just go find accommodations elsewhere. Yep, they refunded me my P900 and I went to Haven of Fun. All was well, I even said I’ll come back tonight for a bottle of beer or two!

Let’s go to Haven of Fun, shall we?

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  1. Hi, Im one of the owner's childrens.
    RESULTA is our grandpas Surname and got 7 childrens (aunts and uncles) so the decided to use the R E S U L T A hence it is composed of 7 letters.

    Puro beach resort is owned by the children of the brother/sister of my grandpa. Also goeas to Crystal Sand and Haven of Fun.
    In short, the Land there is owned by my Granpa's Family.

    And btw, we arent competting among each other. And to other relatives' resort. :) we are so so so much close as a family. We always get united during hollidays like christmas and also during summer. :)