Saturday, June 14, 2014

How I Went To Capul

How did we go there (and back)?

Via an unusual route with unusual arrangements! It’s like this: during dinner, we asked the kids (yep, the Veranda crew) on what was the best way to get across to Capul. They told us there are fishing boats at the little village beside the resort that can be hired instead of still going to the other side of the island via habal-habal to catch the usual commute from either Allen or Victoria. Hmm, more convenient!

A fantastic plan – after breakfast, we would walk the few steps to the village, then ride our respective boats. Respective boats? Ah, I meant me and the 2 friends on a hired boat to Capul (P600 “round-trip”), and the friend/guide and his kid to Allen (Monday, he had to go to work).

Morning came, and we convinced our friend from Allen to just go with us. He is not hard to get y’know. So he said yes. Yey! After breakfast, we merrily walked (via the road instead of via the beach because I needed cigarettes) to this little fishing village guided by one of our resort’s crews. Hey we saw the boat that goes to Allen. It had a lot of folks on board mainly students and white-collar workers. Our friend/guide said he should have been on board that one hehe. We learned there is only one such boat every day from this side of the island (Barangay San Nicolas). Anyway…

At the beach, our boat was waiting, so were a few men ready to push it down to water. As the resort crew talked to an old man, I noticed he had a pout as if ready to make a tantrum like a little lass! When he opened his mouth, I understood his unreasonable of a reason hehe. He was telling the resort crew “you said only 3 passengers so I agreed with P600, but now there are four of them”. Susmaryosep! What an issue! Good I was not frontliner this time hahaha. Our friend/guide explained that he just decided to come with us minutes ago, so he asked how much more would it be. And the old man said “seven hundred na lang”!

Gosh ‘no?! I think I secretly rolled my eyeballs and tried to check if my eyebrows were not racing up to the clouds again hehehe. In my mind I wanted to debate with him if this was really a charter or per passenger ride. Anyway, I opted to stay mum. And I saw the manong’s face brightened. I knew what he was thinking “hehehe I got them whehehe”!

So, off to the 30-minutes-or-so ride we were, crossing about 7kms of water called the “Capul Pass”. This oldie really became jollier over that P100 he thought he got one over us. Haay, ang mga rason ng pobre! Oh no no, let me correct that: manong’s face did not just brighten and he was not just jollier, he became bubblier hehehe. As he steered the boat, he told us things we would be pointing to, he would even tell us about the water and the corals… and he would even smile when I took pictures of my friends who naturally were seated in front of him. Gate crasher! Basta masaya na sya!

When we got off at Capul, he reminded us not to stay until afternoon as the waves would be bigger by then. No one answered, but in my mind I was saying “alam ko ‘no?” hehe

For those who might go this way, see this map as I was told this is not “the usual way”, but more convenient if you are on the western shores of San Antonio.

And if you have no headgear, get a towel or shirt to cover your head from the sun!

Sige na nga, nice enough trip!

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