Monday, June 9, 2014

Horse Bath, San Antonio

Still in San Antonio, Northern Samar.
I woke up early today - as I usually do during my roams.

05:39AM, I was out on the water's edge, just curious of what might I see at such a lovely quiet morning on this 'off-the-beaten-path' western part of the  island. Yes, it is still summer, and while the sun slowly inched its way up from the east, it was already unmistakably daylight!

I heard some movement beyond the resort's right end. Cute, it was a horse seemingly at play tapping on the sea water as it moved to a deeper portion guided by its master. I was too late to capture that moment on my cam. But, I still 'sleepily' went to the resorts perimeter edge, to watch the "spectacle'.

In the stillness of the morning, amidst softly lapping waves, with only forest crickets (or whatever those are) as background music... I saw this man guiding his horse out to the sea for a bath.

it stood very still, even as its master went for a swim...
but when they left going back to shore, there it was...
the kabayo played with the water again like a little child...
went out of the resort, just to see where forth the kabayo and its master was going
ah, just across the road...
06:08AM, horse already fresh from a bath and eating, puppy still sleepy hehehe!

I loved this morning find!

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