Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pedicab – San Antonio Style

Should not be “pedicab” anymore – because they’ve fitted these things with engines I can’t yet imagine where from (or originally what for). And they’re noisy and fast! See this video here for a sample:

All I can say is: they’re too fast for the lowly/shabby/fragile materials the trikes are made of. Or make it the other way around: they’re too fragile to be running that fast!

Folks you’ll have to note that this video is still shaky even after YouTube’s anti-shake auto-correct! That was how bouncy my ride was hehehe. But (I am like guessing, trying to justify the adrenaline-rush I experienced) "it was only that bumpy for the camera, not for the human eye". Whaahehehe, yes, crucify me please?!!!

This trike driver intimated to me that not all residents of San Antonio patronize this kind of ride. He says many are (still) frightened at riding this way. And he even told me there had been a number of “accidents” involving this kind of a "ride to hell" hahaha! And (I didn’t expect it coming from him) in each case, the trike’s body was heavily mangled. Oh eh, do I have to wonder?!

I got some kind of confirmation from this trike driver that they and their local officials know this is against the law due to breaching safety standards. He told me they all know about the ‘kuliglig’ thing in the city of Manila. And he even told me about registration issues since their “vehicles” are kind of “undefined” hahaha! I asked if he was not concerned he might be fined or his “vehicle” impounded. He just very casually told me: “hindi pa naman kami pinagbabawalan ni Mayor”!

I guess the worst part about this new ‘contraption' / 'conveyance' (whatever) is that I BLOODY ENJOYED THE RIDE!!!  Honest, I was like a child grinning while we zoomed through! Merde! hehe

It’s more fun in this country… trust me! (and I just made the sign of the cross hehehe)

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