Saturday, June 14, 2014

Puro Beach Resort, San Antonio

This is the middle of three resorts adjacent to each other, all owned by families that come from a single blood line, but unfortunately are not in good terms with one another! The whole island knows about it (the family animosities, I mean) and they themselves do talk about it without any qualms, if you ask them about the topic!

Anyway, this resort was what we entered first. We were room-scouting for me to stay overnight at, as friends were crossing back to mainland for their respective lives called work hehe. Why Puro? Well, looking at it from the road (and from the beach, mind you), it is the most rustic-looking, therefore, cheapest-looking among the 3 resorts. Just like your grandmothers old and native vacation beach house circa 1930s!

Looking around the wide grounds, gardens and the beach front, indeed this looks the most homey of the three. It’s just like the yard of a normal family living by the beach. Too many flowering plants here and there, small and big trees, grass, open nipa huts… nice! Like you can easily dream the day away in this area.

However, that would be just about it. When you look at the room cottages that also look rustically attractive from the outside as they’re made of wood, bamboo with nipa roofing, you’d think “this is the place”. Alas, we were shown the rooms and I think we were unanimous in that “uh-oh” feeling hehe! I am fine with old or aged if crisp clean and airy. But all rooms we went to see consistently smelled like you placed a wet cloth in your dashboard and forgot about it for days. All my mind could gather was “I will need a can of lysol aerosol on this – fresh cotton scent please”!

I almost took a room here, as I liked the “rustic” setup – bamboo beds  and furniture; you climb bamboo stairs to those with loft-like levels; maganda sana. Then again, every nook is dark and easily a convenient breeding area for “the mosquis”, so I was not very surprised when one friend was so openly ready to say “NO, can we look at the other resorts”! Whahehe, at least the big “no” did not come from me!

I agreed of course! It wouldn’t have been worth an overnight accommodation even at little less than a thousand pesos. And no wonder it seemed I would have been the only guest for the night, if I did check-in!

Let’s go to the next resort…

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