Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lagbangan EcoPark & Beach Resort

I have read about this place at billboards on both the Victoria wharf and San Antonio docking area. So I was happy to hear when the friend/guide told our drivers to turn left and head north as we entered the San Antonio town center. He hollered at the other habal-habal driver that we were going to Lagbangan. Whoa!

Not far from town center. Actually just 5 minutes of habal-habal ride along a dirt road that can accommodate four-wheeled vehicles, but better negotiated with motorbikes!

Well, what can I say? Wow!

This place is kinda new too, just like EWP, but there is a wider clearer sand, just coarser. Yep, this is the kind of sand in the whole eastern side - whiter but coarser. Well, foot massage! Don't worry, it does not hurt even if you walk around barefoot!

Reception: just outside Room 1. Canteen: what should have been Room 1 hehe!
As of now, you'd be better bringing your own food, they're still busy constructing!

Hey look at this...
Those doors lead to just their public showers and toilets. Look at the roof. Grand!

Oh, the deluxe rooms were all occupied, so we weren't able to peep in...
But a manang showed us this family or barkada room good for 6. Six? Well relax and see that slanting wood beam behind the door knob. It's a stair/ladder! (Steep! Careful)

Up there are the 2 single beds. This is some kind of a loft!
Only able bodied, responsible adults please, okay?! Y'know what I mean hehe!

This here, is their "limo service" from/to center of town or the docks...
Multicab yan! Cute enough to navigate the narrow dirt road to this place!

Across the gate, yep still theirs, is the inland part of this resort... Cafe Ruperto
That is their jump-off point to boating treks in a big lagoon with a mangrove forest. We didn't go there anymore for lack of time as friends were to head back to mainland Samar and it was getting late. But, I think I'll come back to this place soon. Very soon!

This place is near, but away from civilization. I like it!

Well... MacArthur! (Meaning, I shall return) Promise!

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