Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sunrise at Visayas State University

Good Morning Visayas State University! That’s all I silently said when I woke up and hastily went out of our room to savor the fresh mix of mountain and sea wafts away from the artificial cool of our air-conditioned room. What a profound luxury for a student to wake up every morning to this kind of breezy serenity! I envy them studes of VSU. If I had this kind of atmosphere during college, I would have (probably) graduated Magna or Summa Cum Laude! Eh, I was able to gruel it out rising every morning to the hustle, bustle, honks and shouts of jeep dispatchers at old Balara and Nawasa hehe! How much more this, a beach?! Anyway…

At 5AM, I was out and about strolling the beach, even if I knew there would have been no fantastic sunrise view, since VSU (Baybay City in fact), is on the western shores of the island of Leyte. So sunrise is behind those tall mountains we passed by last night. I know and knew too, that what is really fantastic in this place are the sunsets owing to its western location. But the serenity of the beach was a scene enough for me. With a light cool breeze, very small waves silently lapping on the shore, some joggers huffing around. Fantastic enough for me – nice place to read a book, review a lesson, daydream, mentally argue, prepare for a quiz, hah very conducive!

But nature just has its weird ways of mesmerizing my little pea of a brain. When I looked to the horizon again, it started getting yellowish, orangy, and… ah I fished my camera from the pocket and started clicking. These pics below are like a time lapse, since I wanted to capture the various positions of that little fishing boat with that fantastic natural backdrop. Am guessing, that big white cloud was probably hovering over the Camotes Islands. Oh, that white streak on the left? Its not a glitch nor watermark hehe. Those are puffy white little cloudy-cloudies, probably stirred to perfection by a morning jet taking off from Cebu.

Well, my photog friends, don’t start criticizing hehe. I know I should have placed the camera stationary in a single spot. But those technical things seldom visit my brain during such occasions! Witnessing this wonderful color show, I just either stood by the beach and/or walked and paused, though I kept snapping, as if to monitor that little fishing boat!

Nice enough for me to remember VSU or Baybay by.

More of VSU next!

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