Tuesday, October 1, 2013

VSU Breakfast

If, like I did, you might be thinking there is not much to binge upon inside a school campus, not at VSU – from morning ‘till night! Breakfast was even a dilemma as there were choices. There was none at our Apartelle, but there were at least 3 choices nearby. Though far from where we were, there is also food at the hostel. And if we wanted, there are also eateries and fast foods just outside the gate. We strolled and thought we’d enjoy a breezy breakfast at a place called APMC Diner. It had a lot of morning patrons, so we thought we might as well join in. As I always say, during my travels, where the locals are eating, eat there! This was another proof of that “maxim” hehe. Value for money! Surely fresh and masarap. In fact, nagkakaubusan hehehe!

This APMC is like a common canteen where you line up to point at, and be given what you want, then move onwards until you reach the cashier. However, unlike many canteens of this set-up, the place is spanking clean. Plus there are tables al fresco with a view of the beach and the sea just a few meters out via grassy greens with a scattering of trees big and small. Cheap quality food in a resort-like setting.

What did we have? Rice of course! Wag na magkunwari at kalimutan ang diet diet na yan! We had dried fish, the ‘daing’ type, and it was not that salty. Yummy! And we like their home-made corned beef. I liked the ‘presentation’ of their egg rolls. We also had slices of big fish cooked like paksiw but it has coconut milk. Plus cups-full of crispy fried anchovies (bulinaw?) and some of my companions also tried “goso” (not lato, but similar) – it’s a seaweed salad commonly seen the Visayas-Mindanao areas. Hmm, I think almost all of us asked for extra rice!

This one below is another eating place just a building away from APMC, and it looks cozier. Their setup looks like they serve buffet meals but probably not breakfast since crews looked like they were still cooking and preparing when we passed by.

Heavy breakfast, so we all took a stroll...

That, before proceeding to our first appointment somewhere in this very vast university. Let’s do that next!


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