Sunday, July 21, 2013

Going Burauen

That is pronounced “Boo-ruh-wen”. It’s a town in the heart of Leyte Island. I say heart, because it is somewhere in the middle! Yep, a non-coastal town (there are just a few) some 40+ kilometers from Palo. This was one of our destinations on/for Friday’s itinerary. But the friend and her companions decided to omit some of the other livelihood destinations within Tacloban City and other nearby areas, especially those that had nothing to do with the wonder tree – coconut! So, we decided we might as well go for this town after Palo, then proceed to spend the night in Baybay City. Whoa, adventure!

It was my first to visit this town known in the province as ‘where many delicacies are produced’. And our purpose: to see and learn from live production of this delectable thing thy call “bukhayo” or “bukayo”.

The trip from Palo was wonderful, even as the sun have started playing hide-and-seek with us through the lush forest thickets in many areas. Good roads, and we only slowed down at one part of the highway where there were too many vehicles and ‘spectators’ blocking the way. Reason? A movie outfit was doing a location shoot – and the curious (some came in their own vehicles from who knows where) congested the road - a national highway hehe. Ah for the chance of seeing their idol actors and actresses for free! Hey we saw some adults perched on trees to watch hidden from the cameras. Some peeped through their houses, probably all previously requested not to stay watching in the open for a more believable shot!

Anyway, I was more interested on the good roads that we were passing at, and the fantastic rural countryside flashing by. Ah, I scanned through the driver’s GPS monitor (nakialam ba hehe) and I learned where on the map we were heading. From Palo we were going via the towns of Tanauan, then Tolosa, then Dulag, then a right turn towards Julita, then onwards to Burauen where we should find Barangay Arado, still some kilometers before center of town. Already, I was sure I would excitedly come this way again, but alone and commuting, when the time for me to roam these towns come (am still busy with the western side of this island).

I tinkered more with the GPS, also checked out things on the web, and I noticed there are many ways to approach Burauen from Palo. One is westward to Pastrana, and from there, southwards to Dagami, and onward south to Burauen. Another is Palo – Tanauan – Dagami – Burauen, yet another is Palo – Tanauan – Tabontabon – Julita – Burauen. But I think I like what our driver chose. The usual way – meaning surely bigger roads. Yep, the coastal way, am not just sure if this is the best in terms of sceneries along the way. Well, am sure I will try those other routes above, soon!

Most notable on this road trip was the absence of vehicles. I mean, there were not so many that we saw. And I loved it! Especially the Dulag-Julita-Burauen leg, too few vehicles going our way or in the opposite direction. Even trikes were few.

Well, not so many pics I took worth posting here, as we were all busy in daldalan! But here are some pics I grabbed from the web that makes me itch to see these towns we passed by:

This should be exciting to watch in Tanauan: (from orville1ph at skyscrapercity)

This one in Tolosa is from Calle Zaragosa of Mano Gerry Ruiz. He's one of the best on the island!

This one from UswagDulag, hmmm, invites my curiosity on history:
Imagine that, all that I have known about the "I Shall Return" - "I Have Returned" thing was on Red Beach in Palo. So here apparently is a continuation of the story. Imagine, they (returned) arrived on that date in Palo, then raised a flag in Dulag same day. Hmm, some distance!

Anyway, let's go to Burauen?!

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