Saturday, October 5, 2013

Choco-Milk at Philippine Carabao Center VSU

Done (overwhelmed) watching the fresh milk deliveries at the back of the little BDFA building, I circled towards the other side. And this was just actually the time that I realized I was moving from back of the building to front. Whoa! Timely that my companions were already out of the main carabao center building who all trooped to see what I was very curious about. OMG! A little dairy store complete with a snack bar with high chairs! What’s on sale? Milk and more!

Fresh Carabao Milk in convenient plastic bottles. But there’s more! There is also Choco-Milk and Fruit-Flavored Milk all for the taking. Like there is melon flavored, mango flavored and others. You of course know what happened next, right? Yeah, we had a milk-party hehe. All of us bought a bottle each, choosing flavors that invited our interest or curiosity and consumed them right there! Whatta morning snack! After eating vacuum-fried jackfruit we washed them down with various flavors of milk. Sa’n ka pa, di ba?! My stomach’s nerves must have been screaming with surprise hehe “where’s the coke, where’s the coke”, “what’s happening up there mouth”, “hey brain, what are you up to this time”? hehehe

You guessed it again, most of us bought extra to be brought home. And the milk comes in various bottle sizes – all that you can imagine available at supermarkets actually!

That fine young lady received a barrage of questions from all of us. She must have had one of the craziest mornings in her life. How is the milk processed? How do they put the fruit flavors? Where do they get the choco and the fruits? Where do they deliver? What is the shelf life? Can we bring these to the states? Do you deliver to other islands like Cebu or Metro Manila? What’s your contact number?! And so on and on hehe! All those, interspersed with entertaining other buyers who came and went probably bewildered why we made a tambayan out of that little store.

Aw, conveniently, this little store of a milk-processing center is just actually about 3 or 4 meters away from the side of the road. Fenced as the campus vicinity would be, some buyers (public) just holler at the girl on what they want and them crews walk up to the fence to give the milk and receive payment. Convenient! And the buyers come from all walks of life, I think, since we saw people in cars and people on bikes or habal-habal.

Hey, I was not first to quack, it was the driver, but it turned out, we all felt the same after drinking our bottles of milk. Everyone felt the urge to fart haha. Yes, utot! For all I know some of them might have already been doing so, even before the topic was brokered by Roy whaak hehehe. He even said let us open the windows for a while, anyway it was breezy outside with real fresh farm air. I was not yet into the farting mode but yeah, I told the group I felt something in my little big tummy.

I actually txtd my doctor-friend just a bit earlier before the farting topic surfaced as I got apprehensive I might get an upset stomach while on the road. I was even so forward as to ask “could the milk have been stale?”. You want to know the reply? Here we go…

“8s a vry healthy drnk nd VSU a reputed inst. Consider dat as d caramilk tryn 2 clean ur system u dirty bastard”!

Ayun, namura pa ako hahaha! But other than the sort of grumbling and farting for about half an hour, none of us actually got a bad stomach. What an experience!

Okay, let’s leave VSU and the fart topic for now hehe. We’ll go back into the city of Baybay for a daytime visit. That’s next, promise!


  1. uie gUrl O.A rah ka kaa.u...wRong grammAr baya imo English..Anyway, mabasa man..haha..

  2. Cool! I would like to try this choco milk. I think it is delicious. We have something similar in European shops, but I am sure there milk is tastier.