Saturday, July 20, 2013

Leyte Livelihood Tour

Alrightie folks, brace for a different kind of sojourn I just did. Tiring yes, but quite a welcome brain input, am even thinking this was the most wonderful I have done lately. I maybe wrong, or may just have willed to forget my other wonderful tours of the recent past, but this one was overwhelmingly excitingly different!

Here’s the story… the start that is…

Two weeks ago, I was at a friends house and she told me she was to attend some kind of immersion training on livelihood opportunities that would take her around Baybay, Ormoc, Tacloban and nearby localities – all in the province of Leyte. It was to be a 3-day affair (Wednesday to Friday) with topics like Tuba (yep, the local coco-wine) and a bevy of other local products. She was not even done asking me if I wanted to go and I said yes yes yes! I did not really mind about those things she wanted to learn (at first), but my eyes flickered at the thought that she (therefore I) would be hopping between places in the province of Leyte.

So, I rearranged my life for this particular week by canceling this and that and re-scheduling this and that. All for an opportunity to see more things Leyte! I even had to forego a Friday flight from Cebu to Tacloban since I would already be in the area by then. Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s low fares, we can afford to no-show at some flights, when more exciting activities ensue! Oh, if you wanna see that map of my roundabout itinerary, you can click here!

All set! Let’s fast-forward to the “event” itself. But I think it better become my next story… so hang in there folksie-folks!

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