Friday, October 4, 2013

Philippine Carabao Center at VSU

This was our next destination, and in my mind I was saying “what will I want to see in that carabao center anyway”? Do I want to learn how to make them fat and big? Do I want to learn how to make them produce healthy offspring? Ride them, pwede pa! But who was I to question this part of the itinerary when I was just a mere ‘kibitzer’ on this, my friends, tour with a purpose, right?! So to the carabao center we went and I left them talking/discussing in those air-conditioned rooms while I roamed outside, savoring the breezy fresh air under clear skies!

I was tempted to walk to the sports field where I could hear the shrieks, screams and growls of students at their intramurals. But it was some kind of distance from this carabao center. Not that I cant walk that far, I guess I have walked more than a hundred fold that distance (remember my walk to the Dambana?), but I was a bit worried my companions would be out of the center early and I could delay the ongoing tour. So I stayed in the vicinity of this building… and voila… something…

A little building that looked clean all over and that looked like there was some activity. So I strolled in that direction. As I approached, I could see BDFA – Baybay Dairy Farmers Association posted on the wall complete with their mission, vision, mandate and quality policy. Oh ok I said, but still went nearer. I was particularly intrigued by the labels on the two doors that faced me. Look in this picture! Why is it so? THAT made me more interested. Hello, is this a comfort room? Am I in Saudi?
Bad news, no one to give me an answer why those doors are so. The nearest that I got to consider as acceptable was one of the girls told me that management just want to ensure cleanliness and orderliness in this place. Wheh?! Oh eh bakit kelangan hiwalay by gender? To think that, once inside, they all work or interact close together as a team where anyone can go anywhere!

Double bad news! I was overwhelmed at the next scene I saw and forgot to take pictures hehe. Anyway, to the left corner of this building, that window beside the female entrance is a delivery area where farmers bring their freshly collected carabao milk in exchange for cash. Not just any farmer can deliver here. They have to be members of the association that are all supposedly trained on the proper way of collecting and transporting milk to this center. Even the containers they use are unique – stainless aluminum containers. And the crews that receive them are all properly uniformed with rubber gloves, lab masks, hair nets and lab gowns. I talked to one manong and he said this was an augment enough to his income since he has carabaos used in his farm.

Interesting! But this was just the “back” of the building. What goes front? Let’s do that next. It’s delicious!


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